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Might Makes Dwight

Jim tacks up a poster with a pictured of a fist and the slogan "JOIN THE FIST" on it. And that's all it says. Dwight busts him, and figures Jim just wants him to think he's starting a rebellion, but Jim says it's just a club, although he exchanges raised fists with a passing (and confused) Darryl. Dwight says he wants to join, but Jim puts him off because today is Operation Overthrow. "But I have noted it." As soon as Jim leaves, Dwight takes down the flyer and throws it in the trash. And the moment Dwight's gone, Jim tacks up two more.

Life under Dwight: Kevin is tying to enter his 21-digit copier code, with a line backed up behind him. In the kitchen, Stanley scoffs at the "HONOR SYSTEM 50ยข sign next to a surveillance camera. Andy tries to show Pam a video online, and gets a "blocked" message that's a lot more friendly-looking and a lot less accusatory than the ones I've been seeing in corporate America for the last decade. Dwight just watches them from his office. From behind his giant "DWIGHT K SCHRUTE INTERIM MANAGER" desk nameplate, Dwight says he'll never be happier than he is right now. "I will also never be less happy. I will be at my current maximum happiness for the rest of my life. Because I am the manager of the Scranton branch of Dunder-Mifflin. Acting Manager." Hard to see how things could change.

All the food in the vending machines has been replaced by ads for "Dwight's Caffeine Corner." Creed says he's got it covered, with snacks in the freezer. "You mean the frozen mice for the piranha?" Pam asks. Creed says, "No, the blueberry Slurpee pouch." "He means the ice pack," Phyllis explains. One wonders how many of those Creed has sucked down over the years.

Gabe hangs up Erin's phone while she's in the middle of a call to declare his love, but gets caught up in the stuff he doesn't believe in, like God, until he does again. Alas, that detour wasted the precious seconds before her phone started ringing again, and Gabe asks, "Do we not have voice mail?" Erin explains, "Dwight doesn't trust robots to give us our messages." Gabe is thrown. In Erin's TH, she says she's on a break from dating. "Gabe was a great guy with so many wonderful qualities, but it was a challenge being touched by him."

"Wow, you've really embraced the Bond villain aesthetic," Jim remarks in Dwight's office. There's an old gun in a desktop display case, the aforementioned piranha in a tank, and a new desk that's a solid block of marble, a replica of Uday Hussein's. Dwight asks Jim to promise to be on his best behavior during Jo's visit, but Jim says he already promised other people he'd be on his worst. Dwight threatens to fire him, which Jim says Dwight can't do. "Don't make me pre-fire you," Dwight tries again. "You wouldn't dare!" Jim gasps. But Dwight pre-fires him anyway, promising to full-fire him after Dwight's promotion. "If you get promoted," Jim says, dead serious. "And if you haven't fallen in love with me by then." Jim THs that if he thought Dwight might ever become the permanent manager, he'd pre-quit. We might think that's pre-premature, but Jim says it's best to be pre-pre-pre-prepared.

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