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E-mail Surveillance

When Michael goes out to the bullpen, Oscar comes right out and asks why Michael is now spying on their emails. Everyone else is wondering the same thing, because apparently this episode is set in 1995. Is there anyone who expects privacy on their work emails any more? Besides those of you now reading this site at home instead of at work like you used to? Michael denies it, of course, attempting to distract everyone with an interminable impression of an evil robot who then turns into the Tin Man. I don't know, I'm sure it makes sense to Michael. Oscar says that they got a notification memo from IT, about which Michael grumbles, "Defeats the whole purpose." As if he wouldn't have blown his own cover in a matter of minutes anyway. So then he tries a riff about the unfairly negative connotations of the term "Big Brother." And Kevin THs, "I gotta erase a lot of stuff. A lot. Of stuff." How does Kevin always manage to TMI like that without actually telling us anything?

And Dwight is saying pretty much the same thing to Angela, within earshot of Pam, in an impressively casual yet businesslike tone. Still, it's enough to ping Pam's radar, and she calls Jim over to tell him what just happened. "Do you think that they're like--?" "No," Jim says firmly, a study in floppy-haired denial. But it's too late; they thought about it, and now they can't unthink it, no matter how horrified they might be. In a TH, Pam compares it to squishing a spider under a book, where you know it's going to be gross, but you have to look to make sure. So now she wants the camera guys to keep an eye out for clues on her behalf. Don't do it, camera guys! Maintain your documentarian detachment!

Pam goes over to Dwight's desk to tell him about a "friend" who likes two girls he works with. "One is tall and brunette, and the other one is short and blonde and perky and kinda judgmental. Who do you think he should choose?" Oblivious to the annoyed "what are you doing?" look that Jim's giving Pam's back, Dwight asks about the candidates' medical histories, which segues into a TH about how, as a volunteer sheriff, he can look up medical records. "There are a huge number of yeast infections in this county," he marvels. The only thing surprising about that observation is that he has stats to back it up, and not just a lot of excuses from women who turned him down. Although I'm sure he has plenty of those as well.

Michael, snooping around in Meredith's email, has found an Evite from Jim, to his barbecue, tonight. Michael idly wonders how his "Evitation" fell through the cracks, and clicks over to find the guest list. Looks like the whole Scranton branch is invited. Except for one guy. One very confused, sad, rejected, email-snooping guy.

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