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E-mail Surveillance

Jim's party. It looks like Jim and his roommate share a suburban-looking house, which makes me a little sad, for reasons unknown even to me, that Oscar didn't bring Gil along. Jim's telling everyone where all the wine and beer are, and that it's not all for Meredith and Kelly. Dwight rushes in all stressed out about Jim's hide-a-key, waving the fake rock around and complaining about what a security risk it constitutes. "Hey, you must be Dwight!" Jim's roommate Mark says happily, and compliments Dwight's Birkenstocks. Dwight hikes one up onto a chair arm so we can admire it along with the red-and-green sock. Get a good look, everyone, because this show doesn't do sandal humor without a good reason. Dwight pulls Jim aside to ask when the "guest of honor" is coming. "Laterish," Jim dodges, and gets ready to lead a tour of the house. The group includes Phyllis, Kevin (wearing a porkpie hat, because Kevin is a rock star on weekends), Ryan, a blonde woman we don't know, and -- here's Pam! As they head upstairs, Ryan asks if Katy's coming. Jim admits that he hasn't talked to her for a while. "Mind if I call her?" Ryan asks, because he was That Guy even then -- we just didn't know it yet. "Uh, we can talk about that later," says Jim. Pam listens to this exchange with great interest. Uh, where's Roy, again?

Michael's improv class, which of course is being held in some high school or community college classroom in which people probably actually learn things during the day. The instructor asks for two volunteers. Everyone's hand goes up, but Michael's the only one doing a "Mr. Kot-ter" bit along with it. He gets picked first, and, funny thing, suddenly nobody wants to be the second volunteer any more. Think that's all you need to know about Michael's improv class? Too bad. As Michael's scene partner, the instructor drafts a woman named Mary Beth, who starts off the scene by doing a silly little-girl singing and dancing bit. Michael interrupts this by kicking open an imaginary door and barking, "Detective Michael Scarn! I'm with the FBI!"

In the hallway outside of class, Michael THs that the most exciting thing that can happen in a scene is for someone to have a gun: "That's why I always start with a gun, because you can't top it." Of course Michael insists on turning his improv class into The Michael Scott Show. Why should improv be any different? And how do I get my auto-correct to quit changing "improv" to "improve" every fucking time I type it? I get the irony already, creepy paper-clip guy. We see part of another scene that Michael disrupts and turns into an imaginary bloodbath, and the instructor forbids him from using any more guns. He holds out his hands, and Michael hands over an entire mime arsenal. Michael's instructor sucks; he didn't even check for an ankle holster.

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