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E-mail Surveillance

Pam's in Jim's bedroom. Can you stand it? CAN YOU EVEN STAND IT OMFG PB&J 4EVAA!!!1!! Wow, sorry about that. She's the only one in there, for some reason. Jim ducks back in, saying, "I knew we lost somebody on the tour." He doesn't ask why she's hanging out in there by herself. She makes Jim sit down at his desk so that she can get "the full effect." It's very collegiate, what with the sweater he's wearing and the corkboard on the wall above his desk and a big framed intelligent life equation above that, the latter of which can't possibly be an accident. Pam goes and sits in the corner of the room that would represent Reception if Jim's home desk were his work desk, because they don't get enough of that during the day. Wait, what am I saying? There isn't a bed between then during the day like there is now. Makes it totally different. Jim calls a halt to the little game when Pam starts trying to imagine Dwight's relative position, even though that would be the hallway. Pam spots Jim's high-school yearbook -- serves him right, for leaving it out like that -- and flips right to his picture, flopping herself onto his bed as she does so. "You were so dorky!" she giggles. But not anymore, sitting at his desk in his bedroom in his house with a pretty girl on his bed whom he's afraid to touch. Not dorky at all, no sir.

Last scene of Michael's improv class. Michael tags in and pretends he's doing a fortune-telling scene -- the Asian man with the imaginary crystal ball grinning in relief before obligingly busting out an accent that would make Ping blush -- but then Michael has to whisper to him that he has a gun. End of improv class!

Jim's party. He's manning the grill outside, and politely asks Angela what variety of grilled dead thing she wants to eat. Angela bitches about getting sap on her hideous plaid lavender moccasins (thanks for the close-up on those snazzy kicks, camera guy) and says that she's a vegetarian. Jim directs her to the soda inside. What, no chips? ["Or veggie burgers/dogs?" -- Wing Chun] Bad host. Bad!

In the kitchen, Stanley and Oscar are talking about paper. Kelly interrupts and asks them to talk about something else, which totally stumps them. See, that awkward silence wouldn't have happened with the current Kelly. In fact, the Stanley and Oscar conversation wouldn't have happened with the current Kelly.

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