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Oh, my good God, it's Halloween at Dunder Mifflin Scranton. Stanley's napping under rubber a Creature from the Black Lagoon mask, and Kelly asks Phyllis (ask Raggedy Ann) to walk her to the fax machine because she's tottering dangerously on her Carrie Bradshaw heels. Ryan comes over to lend a hand as Gordon Gekko (a bit on the nose, there, Ryan). "Oh, from the insurance commercials," Kelly chirps. Suddenly a completely dead-on Dark Knight Joker stalks in. "Whoa, awesome!" says Oscar from behind his Uncle Sam hat and beard."Let's put a smile on that face!" Creed hisses, terrifyingly in character. Either as himself or as the Joker, it doesn't really matter. Kevin indignantly stands up in his own poor version of Joker makeup and protests, "Dammit, Creed! I've been up since four!" Andy struts up to Jim (who's sporting a "Dave" nametag sticker as his costume, because a Jim costume is nothing if not low-impact) in a head-to-toe Cats getup. "We were looking for kitten," he corrects Jim. Well, I'm sure Angela likes it. Long, awkward pause, which is thankfully broken by Pam calling from Corporate in New York. "My costume's getting a lot of attention," she says from inside a Charlie Chaplin outfit. The camera pulls back to show she's the only one at the office who's wearing a costume. Yeah, apparently they don't do that there. "I can't even take off my hat," she THs, "because then I'm Hitler."

And Dwight walks into the lobby and gets on the elevator in his own perfect Joker costume (aside from his glasses), delivering his own Joker tagline. The effect is kind of spoiled when the elevator door closes on him prematurely, but he doesn't seem to mind.

Holly and Michael are prepping for a seven-hour road trip, because she's apparently been transferred back to her old branch in Nashua. Yeah, David Wallace didn't waste any time when he found out she was dating Michael, apparently. While waiting for Darryl to drive them out in the warehouse truck piled high with Holly's stuff, they goof off dorkily with the CB radio, until Darryl snaps at them not to touch it. In a TH, Holly says it's been a weird week; when they learned about the transfer, she and Michael spent about ten seconds arguing like seven-year-olds about quitting DM and getting jobs in each other's respective cities, then never brought it up again. Apparently the well-known debating technique known as "jinx" figured prominently. Well, that certainly sounds like a good sign.

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