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Michael takes his leave from the bullpen, and Jim offers to walk him out. That's because, as he takes absolutely no pains to hide from Michael, he's heading out himself, to meet Pam and his brothers for an engagement celebration. "To celebrate the engagement, or maybe to beat me up." Jim tells the camera. "You can never tell with those two." Jim's been spending a surprisingly large amount of time worrying about getting beat up the last couple of weeks, hasn't he?

Dwight walks into the office a little late. "Decided to go casual today," he tells Ryan behind the reception desk. That's his explanation for what he's wearing today: a Cornell sweatshirt. So we're about to see two aspects of Andy's personality fight it out: his Cornell grad side, and his anger-management training grad side. This should be good. Dwight flashes his Cornell-ized chest around, all faux-casual, almost as though he's purposely trying to get on Andy's nerves. Which of course he is, which of course works. "Take that sweatshirt off!" Andy grits, then acts like he was kidding while attempting to play it cool about how "some people" think that people who aren't Cornell men shouldn't wear them. Dwight assures Andy that he doesn't intend any disrespect; in fact he plans to become a Cornell man himself, and is applying for admission. Andy doubts Dwight will be successful. "If somebody who barely outsells Phyllis can get in, I think I can manage," Dwight says, even managing to smoothly play it off when Phyllis reminds him, "I'm sitting right here." Dwight does a TH in which he sincerely insists that he's pursuing a higher education in order to better himself. "And if it makes Andy angry, so be it." Fully aware that Andy is visible behind him through the conference room window, seething, Dwight raises his new Cornell coffee mug in salute.

As Darryl drives Michael and Holly and Holly's stuff out of Scranton, he asks if Michael is planning to make this drive every weekend. Michael breezily says they'll take turns, meet in the middle, yada yada. Michael's got his road trip mix CD playing. "Life is a Highway" starts, and they all sing along. Even Darryl, who has probably decided that seven hours in the front seat of a truck with two other people is a long time to be surly. Even if Google maps does tell me it's more like five.

In the kitchen, Dwight messes with Andy some more, insisting on referring to Cornell as "we," to which Andy suddenly remembers to take great offense. Dwight just chuckles about the great times they'll have together in Comstock Hall one day, clinking his drink against Andy's mug. Andy dumps his coffee in the sink, making a mental note to burn down Comstock Hall at his very next opportunity.

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