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Employee Transfer

Michael is helping Darryl move Holly's stuff into her new house. Barely. I assume Darryl is getting paid for this. Handsomely.

Walking away from the restaurant, Pam tells Jim what her own plan to prank him was going to be. "Anything would have been better than that," Jim says. He gets a text from one of his brothers: "Pam cool. Welcome 2 the family." At least I assume it's a "2;" even though we can't see the message, Jim's brothers are probably tools enough to even use Prince-speak in business letters. Pam suggests that next time they prank Jim's brother about being bald. Funny, but too little too late.

Darryl brings Michael his weekend bag, but Michael tells him to put it back in the truck. And he says goodbye to Holly, and rides back to Scranton with Darryl. Which just proves that Holly is too good for Michael; if their positions were reversed, I suspect Michael would never have broken up with her before she helped him unpack.

On the way back, Darryl takes pity on Michael. He says he knows it's hard, and offers to sing the blues with Michael. Michael joins in even though he doesn't really get it, but since it seems to be helping, Darryl quickly gives up on setting him straight. Looks like it's going to be white-man blues all the way back to Scranton.

Tag: Andy walks into the office in overalls and no shirt, with a straw hat and a big ol' crate of raw beets, one of which he tosses to Dwight. "I see what you are doing, but I do not know where you're going with this," Dwight remarks calmly. Andy vows, "Oh, you will," and attempts to take a bite out of what he claims is a product of Bernard Beet Farm. It doesn't go well. "You're supposed to cook these, aren't you?" he asks. "Cornell," Dwight scoffs, and sinks his teeth into the one Andy just tossed him. Advantage: Schrute, Schrute, and Schrute.

And also Schrute.

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