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"one year later..." reads the subtitle as Dwight's new muscle car roars down the street. He asks why the film crew is back, a year after the documentary aired, and an off-camera voice explains that it's bonus footage for the DVD. As if this wouldn't have come up while they were getting into the car. Dwight sneers a bit about DVDs and PBS, and brings us up to speed as his car passes some campaign signs, including one advertising Oscar for state senate. The entire Scranton paper market is in Dwight's back pocket, his wedding is tomorrow and there will be a "mini-reunion" at a local theater. "I haven't seen Kevin since we let him go," he muses. Cue a clip of Manager-Dwight rolling three huge cakes into the conference room. One is to commemorate Stanley's retirement, and the second is frosted with a message for Kevin to get out. Everyone protests at Dwight's callous treatment of him, and although they fall silent when Dwight asks for a merit-based argument to save Kevin, Pam points out that Toby always stops everyone from getting fired. Which turns out to be what the third cake is for. "Bye-bye, Toby!" Dwight sings as he Pollacks a squiggle of frosting onto Toby's cake. "At least I got chocolate," Kevin sobs through the mouthful that he's eating with his bare hands.

Full credits, which include the names of all the regulars during the theme song. I was hoping they'd do that. I was also hoping for shots of them individually, but this is better than nothing.

Jim pedals his bicycle into the parking lot, an endeavor that seems to be going better than when he tried it in Stamford. "Saves on gas, cheaper than a vasectomy, and, oh yeah, it's good for the environment," he smirks. With that, he hurries to join the tai chi class Dwight is leading. Pam's already there, so I'm not sure about the total effect on the Halperts' carbon footprint. He VOs that things are great with him and Pam, who finished her (long-forgotten) mural for the Irish cultural center. "And Dwight is imitating Japanese business practices for reasons he explained to us in Japanese." As the tai chi proceeds, Pam and Angela have a whispered conversation that doesn't have much purpose other than to show how they're apparently friends now. Dwight adjourns the class, and Angela comes up to give him a kiss, which requires quite a vertical leap on her part. She's excited about the wedding, but Dwight says he's going to miss some of the old gang. Angela says it only needs to be the two of them. "And the old man to feed us the cheese that he's been fermenting since the day of my birth," Dwight reminds her, setting up a bit that never pays off.

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