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We start with a webcam's-eye view of Oscar foolishly attempting to make an "It Gets Better" video in the office, the message of which is rather undercut by Dwight in the background telling Phyllis, "He's searching out younger gays." Then Kelly comes in to do her makeup in the webcam and after Oscar shoos her away, Robert pushes him aside to end the "reductionist pep talk." Then he puts his big face further into the camera and starts holding forth about how there's no such thing as normal sexuality any way. "It gets better, but it also gets vastly more complicated," he smarms. Kevin puts his face in there and ends up cracking both his head and Robert's. While Kevin cries in the background like a wounded toddler, Oscar concludes, "It gets better. Maybe not much better, but better." Just make the show better again, please.

After the mini-credits, we learn that Dwight -- who is still the building's landlord, in case you forgot -- has set up a free family portrait studio as a gift to the tenants of the building. He's presiding over the pictures being taken by an unspeaking photographer as Toby, Stanley, Creed and Meredith take part (Creed with his parents and boy have Toby and Meredith's kids grown since "Take Your Daughter to Work Day"), but Dwight is still pushing some of the other employees to bring their kids in -- especially Darryl, Angela and Jim. "I know why you're doing this, Dwight," Jim says. He THs that he may have gone too far last week, arranging for a replica suit of Dwight's to be made with Velcro and "You can fill in the rest." But we still see a shot of Jim running up behind Dwight in the parking lot and stripping him to his underwear in one motion. Yes, definitely too far. "Now he's trying to get me to bring my children in to work. I think it's fair to be cautious." Would have been fair not to be that much of a dickhead, Jim.

Hide and one of the other former warehouse guys are back in Darryl's office, having already lost all of their lottery winnings investing in an energy drink for Asian homosexuals, which, it turns out, has not done well. Unable to resist gloating, Darryl opens a pink can with the Japanese characters that transliterate roughly to "geh-ee" (yes, I've forgotten almost all of my Japanese, but I still know how to look it up) and takes a sip, against the other ex-employee's advice. "What flavor is that?" he asks. Hide says that it's "Coconut P---s." "The coconut's... pretty subtle," Darryl whispers, traumatized. The point is that they want their jobs back. Darryl's about to get into it with them, but then he sees Val crossing the office and starts to stand up. Then he sees her boyfriend Brandon following her and sits right back down. He THs that if he were Val, he'd break up with Brandon and "date the heck out of me... I would go crazy on myself."

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