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California, There He Goes

Angela forces the imposter Dwightmobile to stop and finds Mose behind the wheel, clean-shaven and wearing one of Dwight's jackets and glasses. Angela tries to beat Dwight's whereabouts out of Mose, but he makes a short-strided break for it. And that's a wrap for Mose until Dwight's spinoff, I'm guessing.

Darryl and his daughter pose for a photo and Val joins them in front of the camera, taking Darryl's hand. That was the most abrupt resolution to a long, drawn-out C-plot ever. But at least now The Office has cemented its reputation as the resource for learning how to steal someone out of a relationship with someone else. I haven't been keeping score, but I think this makes 23.

Nate, the half-deaf warehouse worker, steals the Sabre sign from under the Dunder Mifflin sign in the hall. Good riddance, I guess.

Andy enters his once and future office and clears his throat expectantly. "Looks like I might get my delicious moment after all," he THs. Cut to him at the desk and Nellie humbled in the guest chair. She just wants to say one thing: "The quality of mercy is not strained." Andy clearly has no defense against The Merchant of Venice. "How dare you play the Bard Card?" he demands as she goes on with the speech. His TH says, "I just want one motherfucking delicious moment. Is that too much to ask?" Defeated, Andy asks Nellie what she would do if he hired her back and she says, "Special projects manager. That's my background. I just go around doing whatever I want!" But they already have Pam for that. "All right, you sly bastard," Andy says. "When can you start?" Oh, hot damn.

Ryan poses with another sign, this one a "missed connections" ad aimed at a blonde from the coffee shop.

Wallace and Robert -- sorry, Bob -- emerge from the conference room. Wallace explains that with himself as the new CEO, Bob will be redundant, but Robert explains how he'll be traveling the world "educating" young women right up through college age. "Especially the gymnasts. They've lost so many years of crucial education." The employees look on in disgusted disbelief as the former Robert goes on at great length and grossness. Then he gives Andy a big hug, and a kiss on the lips. "It's been a great year," he lies. Good call, Spader. Get out while you can.

Angela rushes to the lab and finds Dwight in the waiting room, awaiting the results that will come out... in 72 hours. She sits down next to him and takes his hand so they can wait together, I guess. After a minute he grabs her and kisses her. To her credit, she resists for almost ten seconds.

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