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Fun Run

Pam grabs a flyer and heads for Michael's office to explain that "5K," in the context of a run, means "five kilometres" and not five thousand miles. She knocks on the door, and when we all hear what certainly sounds like "come in," she opens the door, whereupon she gets an eyeful of Michael bottomless. Now, I'm not saying that alone makes it a hostile work environment, necessarily. But it doesn't make it friendly.

After commercials, Pam is in the break room, telling Jim about her horrifying ordeal and how the sight of Michael's junk is burned into her eyes. As they're talking, Michael -- now fully dressed in his running gear -- knocks very formally on the glass door. "Come in," calls Pam. "May I enter the room?" he asks. "Yes, or 'come in,'" says Pam bitterly. After some bickering about the proper way to open a closed door, Jim notes that Michael could have changed in the men's room, and Michael asks why he would, when he has an office. Pam tersely asks how many hours a day Michael spends naked in his office, and Michael non sequiturs that European offices are naked all the time. Pam says they're not (though I doubt she even has a passport, so I'm not sure why she's so confident). Michael says that his shirttail covered most of his action anyway, and Pam says that although she didn't see where it started, she saw where it ended. Jim: "Gross." Michael says it isn't gross, and that as an artist, Pam should think of him as one of her models -- besides which, all this superficial fussing is drawing attention away from the rabid, who are supposed to be the focus of the day. I'm fairly sure the rabid don't want to come upon Michael's business unawares, either.

In another interview, Jim sits up shirtless. Holding up his dress shirt in front of his chest, he asks, "Oh, I'm sorry. Is this a working office, and not a French beach?" Define "working."

At the start of the run, Jan checks in participants, and we learn that Creed is eighty-two years old. All that cult leading/following must be great for the complexion.

Michael takes offense at Toby's experienced stretching.

Andy and Dwight -- the latter in a fantastic hand-stenciled "SCHRUTE FARMS BEETS" shirt -- warm up by running in place.

Jan accuses Pam of "peeping" on Michael, and orders Pam to keep her hands off. Before Pam can say how way ahead of Jan she is on that, Michael kicks off the run by inviting the participants to look at the face of rabies: a huge blown-up photo of Meredith in her hospital bed. He educates the crowd by saying that it is a myth that three Americans die of rabies each year; in actuality, it is four. I assume there will be more information like this in a "The More You Know" at the end of the episode. As Michael is lecturing about rabies, the "silent killer," he looks over to see Darryl feeding a peanut to a squirrel. Looks like Michael will need to run someone else over to save another life. At this point, the "nurse," Elizabeth, rolls up. She and Michael recognize each other, and there are brief pleasantries before Michael hands over the cheque for what is now $340. But, I mean, those souvenir t-shirts don't print themselves.

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