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Fun Run

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Fun Run

Andy's nipples are in distress.

The cab crew orders another round of beers on a patio.

Dwight catches up to Michael and assures him that he has nothing to worry about; he put Immodium in Toby's drink before the race. Michael celebrates, but then asks, "Immodium or Ex-Lax?" Dwight shoots the camera a worried look. I'm not sure it wasn't actually Midol.

Toby tells the camera he's making great time -- and he usually has to stop for a bathroom break. Dwight dwights again.

Jim and Pam blow off the race even more to go to a garage sale.

Ryan calls the Scranton office, gets the outgoing voicemail about the entire office participating in the rabies run, and possibly starts to realize what made Jan go so crazy that her job came to be vacant in the first place.

Michael is now in almost as much distress as Andy's nipples. It seems the pasta is not agreeing with him.

Kevin stops at a corner and Andy runs right into him. Apparently even blunt force trauma is injurious to his nipples.

Dwight runs with Angela, trying to sweet-talk her, but she curtly tells him that she's sending Sprinkles's organs to a lab for testing. Dwight announces, "I am a farmer, Angela." He explains that when a farmer sees an animal that has outlived its usefulness, a farmer does what "city folk" don't have the stomach to do. Angela stops, screeching that Dwight did kill Sprinkles. Dwight says that he sang the cat her favorite songs and fed her an antihistamine so that she fell asleep. Angela says that Sprinkles obviously vomited the drugs back up and tried to escape from the freezer, but Dwight heatedly says that wasn't his fault. He says he thought he was doing her a favour, and expected a hug. Angela plaintively says, "Cat heaven is a beautiful place, but you don't get there if you're euthanized." Oh, cat purgatory's probably not that bad. It's probably just like living with a crazy lady who has so many cats you never get any individual attention. Dwight says that he knows a taxidermist (Michael runs through their conversation, babbling incoherently), or that they can bury Sprinkles in the east field, by Dwight's mother. Angela's not willing to discuss it and runs away from him. I don't know why she doesn't realize what a great deal that is; they'll be close enough to dig up Mother Schrute so that Angela can be married in the dress Dwight's mother was buried in.

After commercials, Pam emerges from the garage sale with a hideous lamp she bought for $8. She blithely hands it to Jim, who fake-complains to the camera that he guesses he gets to carry it, but he obviously loves to carry Pam's shit.

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