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Fun Run

In his office, Michael pinches his nose as Dwight tries to cheer him up by pointing out, "It's only Meredith." Ha! Michael knows, but is more concerned that all his colleagues looked at him like he was a murderer. Dwight crouches down to pepper Michael with questions about why he did it -- sick of her face, she talked back, he owed her money, she spurned his advances -- and Michael stares at the camera, possibly trying to remember.

Pam approaches the accountants to ask whether they want to come visit Meredith at lunch. Kevin knowingly says that she's probably going with Jim, but Pam says that she hasn't asked him yet. Kevin says that he'll probably say yes, and pushes it so hard that Oscar has to signal him to stow it. Angela says that she can't go because she has to give her cat, Sprinkles, her medicine. There's a cutaway to an interview, in which Angela thanks the unseen producer for asking about Sprinkles, which no one ever does. Maybe the fact that the cat is named "Sprinkles" causes people to assume that she's been sick since you got her? Anyway, Angela tells Pam that she also has to pet Sprinkles and keep her company. Pam wonders why Angela's (many) other cats can't keep Sprinkles company, but Angela tells her that there's bad blood among the cat population in her house. Also: cliques. Also: jealousies. Damn, this sounds like more drama than Meerkat Manor. Pam pointedly reminds Angela that since she is the chairman of the party planning committee, Pam shouldn't even be organizing this event, and the appeal to Angela's ceremonial office effectively wears her down.

Michael talks to Ryan on speakerphone, calling him "my lord, my liege." He interviews that Ryan is now at Corporate, and is a small fish in a big pond, whereas Michael is still a big dog in a big pond. He asks which is really the bigger deal -- a dog, or a fish? Depends -- is the fish one of those scary-ass catfish with the creepy whiskers? Because those things can intimidate anyone. Back on the call, Michael tells Ryan that he needs "a treat for the gang" to win them back over since his vehicular assault. He only says part of that, though. Ryan instantly goes Corporate all over Michael's ass, asking whether he did it on purpose. Michael promises that he was being negligent. Ryan asks whether it happened on company property, and Michael assures him that it was both on company property and with company property, so given double jeopardy, "we're fine." Ryan haltingly says he doesn't think Michael understands how double jeopardy works, and Michael rephrases: "What is 'we're fine'?" Man alive, if there isn't an episode soon that gets this character on a witness stand -- I don't even care what the case is -- it's a real missed opportunity.

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