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Fun Run

Michael interviews that he doesn't need to be liked: "I enjoy being liked. I have to be liked." But it's not compulsive, like his need to be praised all the time. If that's what he's after, then I really don't know why he ever took that improv class.

Dwight and Angela meet back up in the lobby at the office. She eagerly asks him how it went, and he tells her that she left the TV on, and that her cat is dead. Angela immediately starts sobbing. He makes a tactical error by calling Sprinkles by the wrong name, and emotionlessly says that she looked "really dead," and that she's in the freezer, "because of the odour." At least he didn't say that she crawled in there herself to end her suffering.

Upstairs, Pam is comforting Angela by the Reception desk when Michael emerges from his office. Thinking she's crying about Meredith, Michael starts to get mad, and basically orders the office to get over it, but Pam explains about the cat. "Sprinkles?" says Michael. What, did they hang out? Michael is nearly as overcome by this news as Angela was, and says he's sorry. He says that it's been a terrible day, and asks how it could get worse, what with Pam's computer crash, Meredith's accident, and now Angela's cat. He decides that the office is cursed. As is so often the case, Michael is accidentally right.

Michael interviews, "I am taking responsibility. And it is up to me to get rid of the curse that hit Meredith with my car. I'm not superstitious, but I am a little stitious." Sure, a day like this would turn anyone a little stitious.

After commercials, Michael tries to figure out what could have possibly cursed the office. As far as we can tell, no one violated any Indian burial grounds. In fact, Toby's actually had good luck lately, what with getting his business card fished out of a basket at Alfredo's, landing him free pizza for a week. Toby has business cards? Michael notes that everyone else's tragedy is Toby's good luck: "Satan." Angela burbles that Sprinkles didn't do anything to deserve her fate, and asks God why He would take a cat who "had so much more to accomplish." Indeed, when we think of the cat population, the first thing that comes to mind is all their impressive works. Dwight quietly says that Sprinkles was "only a cat," and Angela crabs that he doesn't like cats. Dwight comments that cats don't provide "milk, or wool, or meat." I would dispute the second claim, if every cat owner's couch I've ever seen is any indication. Michael orders Dwight to go to the hospital and pay his respects to Meredith. Despite the fact that he doesn't respect her, Dwight agrees, and therefore is excused from the following conversation that, come on, really should get Michael into a court of law at some point.

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