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Fun Run

Back at the office, Michael is musing that all the effort he's spent to make people like him could be undone just by his hitting one person with a car: "God is dead." Kelly says that if there were a God, she and Ryan would be married by now. I guess then she'd be bearing his wunderspawn. Michael then gets into a long, nonsensical digression about the gods that existed before God, and what consituent parts those mythical gods could have been built from. Jim briskly volunteers to research that, and the meeting breaks up. All I know is that a god with the body of a porcupine is a god you don't displease twice.

Later, Dwight tells Michael that they're giving Meredith the rabies vaccine, so it was lucky that she was at the hospital because the only way to treat rabies is to start before the onset of symptoms. Michael seizes on this interpretation and storms out to relay it to the rest of the office. He says that rabies is "ten times worse" than a fractured pelvis, and that Michael's taking her to the hospital to be treated for it marks the breaking of the curse. Kevin tries to start a round of applause. It doesn't really catch on.

Michael interviews that there is a God, after all. I suppose Michael's God loves alcoholics and hates cats.

After work, Pam leaves the office, gets into her car, and pulls out of the parking lot. Kevin is crouching in the back of what I hope is his car, and watches her leave, alone. He interviews that he really thought Pam and Jim were going to get together, like "PB & J. Pam Beesly and Jim." He realizes as he says it how the initials scan, and rolls his eyes: "What a waste." That abbreviation is a lot less queer than "Jam," anyway.

As we watch Pam's car drive down the street, pursued by the Production car the camera's in, we hear her voice-over insisting that she isn't seeing anyone, and that it isn't anyone's business. When she does fall in love, she's not going to discuss it with a camera crew, or her co-workers. But then the camera car slows way down, and we watch Pam ducking her head over the steering wheel, and then Jim getting in the passenger seat, and Pam and Jim kissing. And if there's any more dialogue before the commercial, I can't hear it over the sound of North America squeeing.

After commercials, Pam is in a new cute-ish sweater, answering the phone at her desk with the overly long name of a fun run Michael's inaugurated to wipe out rabies. It's so long, in fact, that the caller hangs up. Oh well -- people who love rabies don't deserve paper!

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