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Fun Run

Michael interviews that a woman shouldn't have to be hit by a car to learn that she has rabies, which is why he's hosting a fun run to raise awareness of the fact that there is, in fact, a cure for rabies. To support the cause, he has produced incredibly long placards, t-shirts, and commemorative rubber bracelets in the extremely inspiring colour grey, probably because every single other possible colour has already been taken.

Stanley tries, and fails, to get a sponsor for the event. And, you know, it's Stanley, so I hardly need tell you that he doesn't really try all that hard. Michael rallies the troops by saying that Jan pledged $500. Andy asks if that isn't actually Michael's money, and Michael seems to need a second to realize that Andy's right before blustering that it's for a good cause. Also serving the cause: Phyllis's rabies quilt, featuring squares depicting rabies transmission from raccoon to, I think, fox. I would totally buy that quilt.

Kevin comes out of the kitchen to tell Michael that he won't run -- not because, as Michael guesses, Kevin's embarrassed about showing people his bare legs when he's wearing shorts, but because it isn't a real charity, and Kevin didn't bring workout gear. Michael goes into a long, only half-sensical speech about how, in olden times, people built like Kevin is were wealthy and upper-class and had money to eat, whereas people who were "athletic and trim" like Michael were peasants in the field. Kevin decides it's not worth pursuing his argument and storms off, leaving Michael to mutter to the camera that it's not olden times anymore. True -- in olden times, a guy who stepped on a grill probably would have died of his injuries.

Andy is afraid of nipple chafing. Let's just say he goes past the point of sensible nipple protection, and comes around to looking like a twelve-year-old girl the day before she gets her first training bra.

Andy and his breast nubs run into Angela, in her mourning clothes, in the kitchen. He tells her he's sorry about her cat, and she starts sobbing. If she'd just turn around and look at Andy, she really would cheer up immediately.

In an interview, Angela shows the camera a series of photos of herself with Sprinkles in happier days. You know how all photos of cats with their owners are kind of queer by default? These are the kinds of shots that would get binned as "too twee" if they were sent in to Cat Fancy. Angela casts suspicion on the timing of Dwight's feeding of Sprinkles and her subsequent passing. But Angela -- he is a farmer!

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