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Fun Run

Pam is at her desk, mooning over Jim (who, by the way, is sitting back at the old Jim Classic position) when Angela hisses her over and tells her she's having relationship problems. She confesses her fear that Dwight killed Sprinkles, citing as evidence the fact that when she got home, Sprinkles was in her freezer, as Dwight had said, but that all of her bags of frozen french fries were "clawed to shreds." Okay, that is damning evidence. But isn't it possible that Angela shops at the kind of stores that would sell irregular bags? Angela asks whether Roy ever killed any of Pam's cats, and Pam says that she's more of a dog person. Angela rolls her eyes and flounces off to find a more feline-friendly confidante.

In the break room, Pam and Jim banter over her plans for the fun run: she's going to run really fast. Jim doesn't know why no one's thought of that before. They abruptly break off their conversation when they notice that there's a camera sharing the table with them...

...and then Pam and Jim are in the conference room, watching the footage we just saw of the curbside rendezvous. Jim tries to cover by saying that you can edit anything to look like anything these days. Pam says, "I gave him a ride home 'cause...we're dating." Jim looks shocked, and then immediately pleased, to have the news out, and Pam beams that they haven't told anyone yet, but that it's going really well. She quickly looks at Jim: "Right?" Jim agrees that it is going really great, and the two grin like goons. Oh, man, I just cannot conceive what kind of horrible apocalypse the writers are cooking up to get these two apart eventually. I mean, if either cheats on the other, the fans are going to be burning TV producers in effigy. Seriously, the only way this ends is with Pam and Jim married, or one of them dead. You read it here first!

Angela violently hip-checks Dwight on her way back to her desk. He claims that he was only the messenger of Sprinkles's demise, but Angela makes it clear that she is not so sure.

Michael meets with Jim, Pam, and Dwight about the status of the fun run. So far, they've only raised $700, most of which has come from Michael and Jan. Michael's curious about the giant cheque, which costs $200 to print. Dwight incredulously shakes his head that they're even entertaining the idea, but Jim says he always pictured a giant cheque, which is all Michael needs to hear. Dwight wants to make sure as much money as possible goes to "bat birth control," and is stunned to learn that this is not, in fact, where the funds are being targeted. Michael wants to know if Pam's found a rabies doctor to come get the cheque, and Pam says that no doctor will come to collect a cheque for $700 -- or $500, once they pay for the giant cheque -- and also that there is no such thing as a rabies doctor. Michael asks about a rabies nurse, and Jim says that he's seen ads for nurses who hire out by the hour for parties, but that they charge a couple hundred dollars -- plus tips. Dwight suggests that they use the money to start a college fund for Meredith's son, but Michael dismissively says that the kid is not college material. And who would know that better than Michael?

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