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Andy's changing in his office, while on speakerphone with Robert, who somehow makes him feel guilty about liking one of the two gifts he gave him to choose from more than the other. Apparently participation in Robert's mindgames is non-optional.

At Schrute Farms, Mose is serving as the valet, and being pretty aggressive about it, if not outright Grand Theft Auto, a comparison that holds all the way up to him burying Toby's car in the cornfield. Inside the party, people are pretty fancy; Kevin's rocking his toupee, Kelly and Erin are both in flowered hats, and Ryan's sporting a scarf and a pipe. As Ryan walks by Dwight, who's wearing a bowler hat and Jed Clampett's three-piece suit, Dwight hollers Ryan's name. Jim's book, of course, instructs hosts to announce guests as loudly as possible. Dwight also announces Stanley and his mistress, and "James! Pamela! And...Peepee Halpert!" Jim shrugs. You take the good with the bad. In one of the tents, Andy dorkily nags Oscar to get his elbows off the table just as Dwight announces the arrival of Andy's parents. Soon the parents are at a table with Andy and some other employees, and apparently they had the idea that Andy was the CEO. Andy corrects them, saying he's the regional manager. "That makes more sense," Mr. Bernard nods. "Are you all regional managers?" he asks the others. Andy tries to TH that he isn't jealous of the garden party his parents threw his brother last week, while looking at that video again, showing Andy looking crushed and left out in the background. Do I have to say it?

After the ads, the 'rents don't seem keen on sticking around long, since they have theater tickets. Moneyball, specifically, which was Walter, Jr.'s pick. Josh Groban walks up, calling Andy "Bro-nard," surprising Andy with his presence and surprising me with his side-part. Also surprised? Erin, as a crow steals her hat off her head and flies off with it.

Walter, Jr. meets Jim, whom he of course immediately starts calling "Tuna." And then he mistakes Meredith for Pam, to the horror of both of them. Kevin's hogging canap├ęs when suddenly harpsichord music strikes up, and Dwight makes one of the maids do a weird dance with him while everyone watches. More tips from Jim's book, obviously.

Mose parks another car so tightly between two others that he has to climb out the sunroof.

Robert California arrives, looking less "Connecticut Casual" than just plain casual, and he's announced by Dwight rolling both R's in his name. Robert has no sooner met Andy's parents than he's back to messing with Andy's head over the gift he brought. Kevin and Ryan are trying out the seesaw, with predictable results, and Erin's trying to shake her hat loose from a tree. Before Andy's parents can make their escape, Andy makes a toast to his staff. Which a TH reveals he thinks is going to come right back to him, but instead Darryl toasts Robert California. Then Angela toasts her unborn child by name. Which of course forces Pam to stand up and toast her own unborn Philip: "May he be a good namesake to my grandfather, who I promised as a child, long before tonight, that I would name my son after." Advantage: Halpert. "It's the Ford Taurus situation all over again," Angela raging-heads.

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