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Ryan makes a shit-stirring toast to the troops. "All troops. Both sides." Meredith is the only one who drinks to that. And whatever Erin was going to toast (and we all know it was Andy) gets interrupted by Dwight interrupting with a live reenactment of da Vinci's The Last Supper. I hope Jim is having fun thinking he's fucking with Dwight when he's actually fucking with Andy. Kevin and Gabe also toast Robert, and when Andy protests the triple toast before everyone's had a turn, Robert stands up and defers the praise, but on behalf of both himself and Andy. He gets a laugh from everyone by saying that the difference between a crying baby and a manager is that one day the baby will grow up. His point is that he thanks everyone for making his job easy. Gabe's in the middle of toasting Robert again when Andy interrupts, strapping on his guitar and calling his reluctant dad to the front of the tent. He starts to play "More than Words," which is an odd choice for a father-son duet, given how it's a romantic ballad about a guy trying to guilt his girl into bed. So it's not entirely surprising when his dad ends up not only changing the key and totally hijacking the performance. Andy's trying to keep up when his dad suddenly stops and calls his brother up to join them -- like he didn't with Andy last week. Then the two Walters sing "Forever Young" together, completely shutting Andy out. That is, until he says, "Cheers," grabs the instrument from his dad, and storms out saying, "Get your own guitar." Don't forget to knock something over on your way ou-- theeere you go.

Mose is about to jump his Vespa over the parked cars, but thinks better of it and runs across the roofs instead. At the party, Kelly complains to Ryan about the cold. "It's cause you didn't bring a jacket," he smugly says from inside his.

Dwight talks to Robert about being a beet farmer, but Robert tells him to skip the beets and concentrate on hosting, hinting that Robert could spend a lot of money having his birthday party there. Not so much hinting as outright saying, actually. Dwight starts going on about the number of goats that come with different packages, which is of no interest to Robert, so Dwight segues to exotic meats he can offer, like hippo and giraffe. "We'll talk," Robert says, and steps away. Dwight smirks over his shoulder, "It'll all be goat."

Andy's in the house playing with Cece when his dad comes in asking what happened. Andy says he just wanted his dad to be proud of him. Walter downplays Andy's manager position and asks how long he's going to need his dad's approval. This is all going out live over Cece's baby monitor, until Pam takes pity on Andy and shuts it off. In a joint TH, Darryl and Oscar suddenly get Andy. Oscar says his parents are Andy's "Rosebud," which makes Darryl do a double-take. Oscar feels like he has to explain the Citizen Kane reference to Darryl, who, it turns out, has thought it out more than Oscar did.

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