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Gay Witch Hunt

In Scranton, Michael says he's glad if today spurred social change, which he claims is part of his job as regional manager. Oh, God help Scranton if that is true. Michael: "But you know, even if it didn't, at least we put this matter to bed. That's what she said. Or he said." Michael looks out the window at the parking, lot, where Oscar is walking up to a guy in a car, and notes that the driver is Gil, "Oscar's roommate": "I wonder if he knows." Maybe Oscar can explain it to him when they go out for that beer.

After commercials, Oscar gleefully interviews that he was going to quit, but that Jan offered him a three-month paid vacation and a company car (though probably not a Sebring convertible, which wouold be a bit queer): "All I had to do was sign something saying I won't sue." He shrugs: "Gil and I are going to Europe." He stares straight at the camera: "Kids, sometimes it pays to be gay." I'd be gay for three months of vacation.

Out at his desk, Dwight cuts open a cardboard box and pulls out a note: "Hope this helps. Jim." Hearing the magic word, Pam looks up to see some kind of metal-detecting wand device, with "HOMO," "BI," and "HETERO" on it in silver stickers, and a pair of headphones. Dwight grins: "Nice."

Dwight slowly approaches Oscar, wand out. Oscar asks what he's doing, but Dwight shushes him and passes the wand along his back (no result) and then front (beeping at Oscar's belt buckle). Dwight grins some more: "It works." He casually dangles the device in front of his own crotch, at which it starts beeping again. Dwight: "Oh no." Oscar looks confused, whereas Pam hears the beeping and imagines it's Jim, shrilly cooing right into her ear.

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