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Erin comes outside to see Andy fiddling with Irene's fountain and opens up about how he broke her heart. Andy says she broke his too, but she maintains that he broke hers more recently and more often. Erin concludes that they're not meant to be. "I'm so sorry that we have not loved each other at the same time," Andy says. Erin knows it. They hug and part ways, as the camera zooms out to reveal Irene's grandson smoking shirtless on the roof of the house.

Nellie, conducting Pam's performance review, starts by asking what she wants. Pam says she likes consistency in managers. "No weird, silent coups. Stuff like that. I'm easy." Nellie thinks that what Pam really wants is a good night's sleep. Pam pretends to be offended that Nellie wouldn't say that to Jim. Nellie wonders, "Does Jim have to breastfeed? Did Jim carry around those babies for, what is it, twelve months? Be honest, does Jim wake up in the night?" Pam staunchly defends Jim and tries to stay strong, but Nellie makes an offer Pam can't refuse: a nap, right on the floor of the office with pillows and a blanket provided by Nellie herself. "And when you wake up, you will earn more money." Pam, as she slowly lowers herself to the floor: "I think... you're a witch." Nellie tells Pam she's amazing and even makes Pam repeat it before turning off the light and tiptoeing out. If she can run the office as well as she's running these people, I don't see what Jim's so worried about.

Irene quietly tells Erin that she's making a big mistake letting Andy go. "I was protecting you because I thought he was no good." But now she sees that Andy likes her enough to risk his job for her. "In this economy, with Europe on the brink..." Erin wonders what Irene would do without her, but Irene says they aren't her problem. Besides, Glenn's going to sue Home Depot. "He got his foreskin caught in some lawn furniture." Thanks for not showing that.

Nellie finally tells Jim it's time for his review. Jim, in front of the whole bullpen says, "No it's not, because you don't really work here." Nellie wonders why Jim is "staunchly defending your friend who has abandoned you." And has been calling him "Tuna" for half a decade. She tries to bribe him with his own raise, but Jim still isn't convinced that she can even give them. Nellie claims to the room that she's Tinkerbell, a magical fairy who floated in to give them all raises. But if everyone doesn't believe in her, she doesn't exist. "Now who here believes in Tinkerbell?" she asks. A round of applause spreads through the bullpen, with only the Halperts abstaining. Robert comes out thinking this is recognition of Nellie's leadership and joins right in.

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