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Ticket to Hell

Back in the bullpen, Jim gets a call from a client who found a golden ticket. Michael's all excited and spazzes at Jim about what kind of little boy or little girl found it, until Jim alerts him that, as chance would have it, it's Blue Cross of Pennsylvania. Who happens to be their largest client. Michael spazzes over to Oscar and asks how much ten percent of the revenue from their biggest client will cost them. Well, quite a bit, actually. And then Jim adds that they actually found five tickets in their shipment. And of course Michael forgot to include any kind of "limit one per customer" clause. Financially, this is going to sting.

In Michael's office, Jim asks Michael why he didn't spread the tickets out. Michael says he thought he did, and tries to convince Jim -- and himself -- that it will be fine. But then he goes down to the warehouse to try and pin this on Darryl. "You idiot!" he opens. "Start over," Darryl advises, which is about the nicest response Michael could have expected. Michael demands to know how five different boxes all ended up at Blue Cross. Darryl asks in turn whether the boxes were close together. "Irrelevant," Michael snaps. Darryl just says he ships out three pallets to Blue Cross every week. Because, as we already now, Blue Cross is a pretty big customer. Michael has a serious question that he warns Darryl to answer honestly: "What is a pallet?"

Back in his office, Michel tries to disavow the idea entirely. If only the camera would quit panning down to the top hat that he's set down on his desk.

Pam answers a call from David Wallace, who wants to talk to Michael. Michael has changed out of his Wonka getup, and on his way to the front door he signals to Pam to use one of his excuses. Pam obligingly tells Wallace that Michael is at a civil rights rally at the Lincoln Memorial. Oh, she's got a whole list that Michael gave her, and she shares some of them with us in a TH, like the one where Michael is at an "Obama fashion show" or "trapped in an oil painting." "I'm going to save that one," she says. We'll be looking forward to it.

Outside, Michael ditches his Wonka outfit in the dumpster, and returns to the conference room with a tan jacket over what looks like his workout clothes. He tells the assembled troops that it's not that bad; they can't fire everyone, after all. "What do you think shutting down a branch is?" Oscar asks. Michael is still trying to dodge responsibility, saying he was only picking up on everyone's subconscious ideas, filtered through his own childhood memories. Jim points out that since he's got a mortgage and just lost half his sales, he's pretty pissed, too -- at Michael. "It is not my fault that you bought a house to impress Pam," Michael protests. It's like blame-dodging is his superpower. When the main phone line rings at reception, Pam gets up to answer it, despite Michael's protests. He thinks it's Wallace calling again, and for the first time in this episode, he's right.

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