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Ticket to Hell

In a joint TH in the office, Michael is still leaning on Dwight, talking about the freedom that you can't put a price on, that could be Dwight's if only he allows himself to get fired for Michael's screw-up.

Dwight returns to his desk, and Jim advises him not to take the fall for Michael. Dwight's still not sure, except for one thing: he's going to write Jim up for insubordination. "There it is," Jim says.

Wallace himself enters the office. Seeing him come in, and Michael urgently calls Dwight into the office to ask what he's going to do. Wallace enters, and congratulates Dwight for the golden ticket idea: as a result of the promotion, Blue Cross is making DM their exclusive vendor for office supplies. Well, looky there, it turned out to be a genius idea after all. After a long pause, with Michael gazing at him expectantly, Dwight... takes the credit.

Wallace congratulates Dwight in front of the whole office, and asks for a round of applause. "This is huge!" Wallace says. "That's what she said," Dwight responds. Big laugh from Wallace, and also from Creed, as though he's never heard that one before. Which in a sense is probably true. Of course this is making Michael completely crazy, so he hostilely grills Dwight in front of everyone about how he came up with the idea. Jim's still coming down firmly on Dwight's side on this. "Biggest Wonka fan I know," he interjects, and even apologizes for making fun of Dwight for dressing up like Willy Wonka earlier. "Apology rejected!" Dwight says expansively. Pam runs over and hugs Dwight, Creed congratulates him, and Wallace wants Dwight to join him on a conference call with Marketing in 15 minutes. Michael's not invited to the call, but I bet it was that hug from Pam that smarted most of all.

Then we're in a conference call with Pam, Wallace, and Dwight in the conference room, on the speakerphone with the marketing people. Dwight is going on at great and fictional length about his love for candy and the movie he calls Willy Wonka, while everyone else wonders about the heavy breathing they're hearing on the line (it's Michael on his office extension, duh). When he can't take any more, Michael bursts into the conference room and yells about how it was really his idea. Wallace cuts off the call, and Michael and Dwight get into a long argument about which of them has better ideas -- complete with examples like "horse boat" and "toilet buddy" -- while Pam takes it all down. Finally, Dwight grudgingly admits that it was Michael's idea. Wallace asks what Michael wants him to do now, and he says he wants the credit without the blame. Wallace just leaves, wanting no more part of this at all. [Especially Pam's notes on Michael's toilet-related ideas. - Zach] Which is probably his best course of action at this point.

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