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The Ping is Dead
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Michael is acclimating himself to Colorado sitting in a lawn chair on the roof of the building. He's also wearing cowboy boots with his suit. In keeping with Michael's soon-to-be home, Dwight delivers him a plate of Rocky Mountain oysters, fresh from the bull. Dwight's still mad about Michael's failure to recommend him for the manager position, it seems. Michael says he's not the company's owner, and tries to make peace with Dwight by asking for advice on how to deal with bears in Rockies. The sweet part is that it kind of works, as Dwight demonstrates that he at least still cares enough to talk to Michael like he's an idiot.

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Michael is looking out over the bullpen when Deangelo interrupts his reverie by asking him to leave some of his desk toys. Michael holds his temper in check, but Deangelo is wise enough to leave the room. "Dead man walking," Deangelo mutters to us on his way out. And that's a wrap for Michael and Deangelo. In a talking head, Michael insists he's not sad. His last day isn't until tomorrow, after all. "Tomorrow, I will be a wreck."

Speaking of wrecks, Gabe angrily intercepts Andy in the bathroom and orders him to stay away from Erin. "I've seen some horrible things! I own over 200 horror movies!" Gabe leaves Andy standing there shaken, and when Jim comes out of a stall, one Jim-eye in the mirror is all it takes to convey what he's thinking. But he gets a separate TH anyway, just to make it clear: "You guys are filming people when they go to the bathroom now?"

Angela, Phyllis, Pam, and Meredith are the party planning committee for Michael's going away party. Pam describes the former committee chairpeople as the dream team. "The dream team and Meredith," Angela corrects, while Meredith loiters outside. Back in the meeting, Meredith tells Michael they've decided on Michael's favorite ice cream, mint chocolate chip, but this is the new, leaving Michael, so he suggests something everyone likes. "I want everybody to have a good time, no drama, and as for today, just a typical day." Pam asks about toppings, and Michael says to get what they like. Their minds are totally blown.

Back in his office, Michael holds up his "WORLD'S BEST BOSS" mug and reminds us that he bought it for himself. Then he holds up his Dundie for World's Best Boss 2011 that he gave himself yesterday. The mug goes in the trash, and the Dundie goes back on his desk, its position carefully adjusted just like Michael has been doing in the opening credits of every episode for seven seasons. How did they do that? Cut to black.

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