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The Ping is Dead

Deangelo seems to be making himself a s'more on the coffee burner when Andy sticks his head in to ask him for some backup on a big client call. Deangelo hides the evidence and follows him out, leaving a chocolate handprint on the kitchen wall. Seeing Andy leave, Gabe mutters to no one, "Walk away, bitch."

Oscar asks Michael where to send his last paycheck, but it turns out Michael doesn't have the address, or even any details about Colorado at all.

At lunch, Jim invites Michael to sit with them, but Michael begs off. But then listening to their banal conversation about a shredder (which Pam will be shopping for later) nearly moves him to tears. In the safety of his office, he's having a full-on panic attack about how everything will be different at his new home, from the TV channels to his improv credits not transferring. He pulls the "WORLD'S BEST BOSS" mug back out of the trash and phones Holly in Colorado to call it all off. But almost as soon as he hears her voice -- a goofy, deep voice that she puts on for the occasion -- it's all better. Holly is magic. And then they exchange I love yous and say they'll see each other tonight. Wait, what? After hanging up, Michael comes clean: he told everyone tomorrow was his last day, but he's leaving tonight, heading to the airport at 4:00. He looks at his list of employees, half of whom are crossed off. That's the half he's said goodbye to.

Toby suggests Michael look up his brother Rory Flenderson in Boulder when he gets there. Michael swallows his bile, says okay, and moves on to Kelly. But she's so busy texting that when Michael asks if his best gift would be for him to go away, she's all over it. "And stop using that weird slow voice."

In Ryan's closet, Michael has presented him with his neon St. Pauli Girl sign, which dominates the tiny space even more than it dominates normal spaces. It makes Ryan's desk look like the Grid from Tron. "You're not prone to seizures?" Michael checks.

The party-planning committee is getting derailed by Meredith's filibuster about erotic cakes, so Pam brings in Kelly, which just makes things more fraught. As always

Pam's heading to Carbondale to do shredder shopping, so Michael can't say his goodbye to her right now without blowing his cover. But Jim notices he's acting weird. Weirder than usual, that is.

The next person Gabe follows into the bathroom is Erin, who freaks out that he's in there. "Hey, Creed," she says as that gentleman exits a stall, in my favorite of many callbacks tonight. "Not cool, man," Creed says to Gabe. Gabe just insists Erin read the letter he stuck under her windshield.

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