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Toby or Not Toby

Andy once again proves himself the anti-Jim as he THs that he's been carrying that ring around for six years, because you never know when you're going to meet the right girl and have the right moment. A subdued Dwight tells us, "Well, it's my own fault." Wait, did he just acknowledge the unacknowledged?

Andy runs up to Jim and Pam and excitedly Tunas about being engaged and becoming "Mister Andy Bernard." And Toby reminds Pam about the picture of the two of them. Meredith snaps it, but can't seem to get a decent smile out of Pam. Yeah, she really thought Jim was going to propose. Well, what do you think happened there, Pam? Toby tells Meredith to keep shooting as long as she wants.

Holly meets a returning Michael, breaks the news about Andy proposing to "one of your accountants" and asks him out for dessert, although he doesn't realize that's what's happening. The one time in his life he's too distracted to delude himself that an attractive woman is interested in him, he doesn't even have to delude himself, and he still whiffs. Kevin steps up to take Michael's place: "We can go eat pie," he grins at her. Holly walks off with Kevin, wondering what just happened there. Oh, Holly, if the worst thing that ever happens to you at this job is not getting to go out with Michael, you're in good shape. She THs that it was a good day, and then excuses herself to buckle Kevin's seatbelt.

Toby flips through all his PB&T pictures on his new digital camera when Michael shows up to have the security guard escort Toby out. You know, so he doesn't "take something." Which is why it's ironic when an alarm beeps on Toby's wrist. "Okay," Michael breezes, rather than saying it means ten minutes to Wapner. With the Ferris wheel still turning and blinking and visible through his office window, Michael leaves Jan a message saying he'll go to her Lamaze class tomorrow after all, and would be happy to have details: "Like what exactly Lamaze is." He hangs up and informs us, "I'm going to be...kind of a daddy." Yeah, that's going to be...kind of a nightmare.

In the tag, the parking lot/carnival is dark, as Phyllis rides the elevator upstairs and compares party planning to a "runner's high." She enters the office, which is dark, but not empty: over in Accounting, Angela's having sex with someone whose back is to Phyllis, and the camera. Angela smacks her partner on his bare shoulder, and he turns -- it's Dwight. Wow, it's like the end of "Casino Night" in Bizarro World!

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