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Jim arrives, with three large black circles taped to his shirt. Dwight dismissively asks what's up with the costume -- Dwight himself is in strange makeup and a long black cloak. Jim says, like it's obvious, that he's a three-hole-punch version of himself. See? It's a paper company joke. At least Phyllis thinks it's funny. "What about me?" Dwight demands, flipping his hood down and picking up his light saber. He buzzes at her. "What are you? A monk?" she asks with contempt. Frustrated, Dwight tells her he's a Sith lord. Dwight says Jim's shirt is nothing special, and his light saber cost $129. "Ass," Phyllis mutters. Phyllis! Still coming alive!

Over in Accounting, we get a spectacular shot of Kevin in a tight red superhero costume. I hope his power isn't the same thing that won him his Dundie. Angela is the third kittycat, and Oscar is a blonde woman in a blue dress. "Look at you," Michael says to Oscar as he drops in unexpectedly. "Showing your colors. Don't you wish you could wear a dress every day?" "What are you implying?" Oscar asks defensively, in a manner that creates another slight continuity issue. I mean, it kind of looks like Michael was ahead of his time here. Michael asks where the cobweb decorations went. Angela says she's baffled -- they were up last night. We see a brief shot of the cleaning person vacuuming giant fake cobwebs into a tube, which is surprisingly hilarious. Michael says to go buy some more decorations, and he'll approve it. And then he "casually" adds that they'll need to "find" some money -- a full employee's salary plus benefits. About $50,000. "Pretend that your jobs depend on it," he says. You know. Pretend.

In the break room, Michael comes across Kelly, who's dressed as Dorothy in The Wizard Of Oz. He compliments her outfit, but then tells her that it also would have been great for her to do Bend It Like Beckham. You know, with a soccer ball and cleats. She says, a little confused, that she doesn't really play soccer. "Well, I don't really have two heads," he laughs. Just another parallel between being Indian and having two heads.

At reception, Dwight is bugging Jim and Pam, and even goes so far as to reference Jim's costume and, when saying "three-hole punch," to punch him. Jim squirms. When Dwight is gone, Jim and Pam are hard at work, putting together a résumé for Dwight. For "Greatest Strength," Pam suggests "a dog-like obedience to authority," then admits that sounds bad. Jim earnestly THs that Dwight "is special," but the office isn't using all his talents, so he and Pam are sharing Dwight's materials, particularly anywhere that would cause him to leave the state or the country. They decide to add, rather literally, that Dwight "sticks to his guns."

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