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In Michael's office, Devon argues for his life, just as Creed did. Funny, given how crappy this work environment is, to see how eager people still are to keep their jobs. It's an insecure world for the working man, you know. Michael figures that it's too late to change his mind -- again -- so this time, he's sticking to his decision. But he hopes that he and Devon can "remain friends." Devon looks at Michael like he's still wearing PMH. Michael follows Devon out to reception, where he somberly announces that, in addition to severance pay, Devon will receive a gift certificate to Chili's. Again, Devon gives him the PMH look. As Devon lustily tears up the gift certificate, he loudly invites everyone in the office by name -- omitting only Creed, Michael, Dwight, and Angela, and remembering even "the temp" -- to Poor Richard's for a drink. "And the rest of you can go to hell!" And then he's gone. Angela wants to know what about the Halloween party. My advice? Don't go as any sort of wild game.

As everyone leaves for Poor Richard's, Pam stops Jim to tell him she's sorry about telling him to go to Maryland. She says that if he left, she would "blow [her] brains out." This makes him chuckle, and he seems to forgive her, throwing her the head-tilt to come with him to the bar. Jim THs that he's sure Pam isn't literally saying she'd kill herself. He wouldn't kill himself if she left, after all. But he'd take the other job -- better pay, and he loves soft-shell crab.

And then we watch as Creed vigorously smashes a pumpkin on the windshield of Michael's car. Not the Sebring!

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