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We find Phyllis sitting at her desk, touching up kittycat makeup. Guy Across From Creed (Devon, not that we know) is dressed like a hobo. Creed is dressed like a vampire, which oddly makes him a lot more normal than he is these days. In a current episode, he'd be dressed like, perhaps, his own spleen. At reception, Pam is a kittycat also. (Heh -- an epidemic.) Michael strolls in, and Pam breaks the news that Jan called. In his office, Michael explains to us that Jan is calling because he's supposed to let someone go today, today being Halloween and the end of the month. He calls Jan, but he doesn't get her, because she's in a meeting. Instead, he gets Jan's assistant, Sherri, who just needs the name of who's being fired. One gets the impression that Jan isn't eager to speak to Michael personally. Michael says he doesn't know who's getting the boot, and he'll have to call back. Sherri presses, as Jan probably warned her she'd have to, but Michael changes the subject, asking how Sherri would want to be fired so she could stay friends with her boss. Sherri hesitates, ultimately (wisely) opts against discussing this matter with Michael, and repeats that Jan needs the name as soon as possible. When they've hung up, Michael mutters that he'd like to fire Sherri, which means, of course, that Sherri still on the line. She busts him and hangs up.

Credits. Oh, Michael's Dundie.

Still in his office, Michael is talking about how hard it is to lay anyone off. Pam pops her head in, and Michael has her sit down. He shows her his costume. Which is basically a copy of his own head in papier-mâché, which he is wearing on his shoulder, like he's twins with himself. It's very bizarre. I'm never sure if he has a concept of this as a costume (like "I'm beside myself!" or something), or if he's just being an idiot who thinks that you dress as a cat by tying one around your neck. He tells Pam, who's now studiously ignoring his second head, that he has to get rid of someone. She can't understand why he put it off so long. He says it's because Halloween is the perfect time to do something scary, but she thinks it's going to kind of bum out the party. He wants to know who Pam thinks might be laid off, but she doesn't want to answer -- she just answers the phone, after all. "And sometimes, you just let it go to voice mail," bullies Michael vaguely. Getting with the program, Pam starts to laugh artificially and says she thinks his costume is "fantastic." He says he ordered it in July. So...not something he thought of recently, the idea of wearing his own head on his own shoulder. She giggles indulgently at the costume, effectively making him forget what he asked her, and she finally leaves.

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