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Date Mike

Andy and Erin are apparently trying to keep their relationship on the DL. Andy loudly and rudely orders her to fax something, then asks her in a whisper if she's going. She says she is if he is, and then yells, "Talk to me that way again and I'll cut your face off!" Yes, no one will suspect a thing. Then they do a joint TH about how they're keeping it quiet. "We just don't want all the drama," Andy explains, but is soon interrupted by a tap on the other side of the blinds. When Andy opens them, he reveals Kevin on the other side, making sexual gestures and giggling like a loon. "That's actually pretty funny, but in general, you know..." "Quiet," Erin says.

Andy asks Michael if he's in, and he's so in he announces it's quitting time. Even learning it's happening later doesn't dampen his excitement much.

Jim meets Pam in the parking lot, and she tells him she invited her friend Julie to meet Michael. Jim is trying to tell her she's been gone too long, and she's denying it when she suddenly spots Kevin and nearly shits herself with joy at seeing him. Kevin responds in kind, but keeps going "Waah!" until Pam gets weirded out and leaves. Kevin tells us he was trying to make her lactate. Pam's going to take the cure in a hurry, I'm thinking.

Michael enters the bar with Jim and Pam, so giddy with triumph and longtime wish fulfillment he might as well be at the Oscars. It's one of those game-room style bars, with the kind of machines that reward skill with printed tickets that you then exchange at the counter for useless crap. But for adults. Charles Edward Cheese, if you will. Jim says he, Pam, and her friend need a fourth for pool. "Sucks to be you," Michael teases, but is honored when Jim comes out and asks him.

Darryl's holding court at a table of warehouse guys and Oscar, who keeps watching the door. Aw.

Pam introduces Michael to Julie. He makes a lame joke, but Julie laughs anyway. Pam THs, "Julie laughs at everything!" Oh, well played, Pam. Then Pam's friend Isabel shows up, and casually says she's going to "do a lap, see if I know anyone."

Yes, Dwight is there, listening to Angela talking about someone saying "the most ridiculous thing about Anderson Cooper." He cuts her off when he spots Isabel, and gets up to ask her, "What's a girl like you doing in a place like this?" "A girl like me is why a guy like you comes to a place like this," Isabel retorts. Dwight says he loves repartee; it usually portends a battle scene. Yes, the flirting has commenced.

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