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In the teaser, the Michael Scott Paper Company may not be doing much business, but they're fast becoming the Cirque du Soleil of tossing cheese puffs into each other's mouths. Several permutations are successfully demonstrated, right up until Pam yawns and both Ryan and Michael take their shots from off-camera. Unfortunately, they both miss, and one lodges in her hair. With all these balls flying around all these open mouths, I can't believe nobody threw in some kind of "That's what she said" joke in there.

Old credits are back.

In the Dunder Mifflin break room, Jim and Pam are sitting with Andy while he pitches some of the ideas that he and Angela never got to use for their wedding. Right now, we're up to the part where he's playing a tape of himself with his old a capella group, whom he's offering to have flown in, put up, fed, and set up with a merchandise table at the reception for the low, low price of $9,000, all so Pam can boogie down the aisle to "You Can Call Me Al." Pam is not nearly as excited about this idea as Jim is pretending to be for his own amusement.

Dwight looks a little different today; not only is his shirt white instead of mustard, it's got long sleeves, buttoned to the cuff. And it's making him crazy. When Phyllis tells him he looks nice (in a "shut up and deal" tone rather than a sincerely complimentary tone), he complains about the new dress code compromising his "attack readiness." "Looking good," Charles tells Dwight as he passes through, and Dwight pretends to accept. Until Charles is gone, whereupon he spazzes, "It's a straitjacket!" and accidentally knocks a bunch of shit over. In a TH, he compares the days of Michael to the Roman Empire and the Wild West and two different versions of Poland. There was so much going on that nobody cared what anyone wore. "And in that chaos, I soared." Aw, someone misses his puke-tones.

Michael meets Dwight out by the dumpster and tells him about a small company called Ed's Tires, which is apparently considering new paper vendors. Michael tries to slip Dwight a wad of cash for the favor, but Dwight declines. "I don't need... six dollars to help a friend." Michael keeps the money, but gets annoyed when Dwight reminds him of the ten dollars he owes him from four years ago.

Andy approaches Jim because he's starting to worry about Pam's negativity regarding things like the crucifix cake he pitched earlier, and says he's worried that she's too bossy for their relationship to go the distance. Jim: "It's so scary, how right the things you're saying are. And you're coming at it with almost no knowledge, so of course I trust your opinion on this." Andy nods sagely, and then THs that he knows a few things about love. "Horrible, terrible, awful things." Jim THs in turn that his plans for the day just changed.

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