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Too Much Faith

Jim takes his leave, after confirming with Pam that it's okay how much money they're sinking into this. On his way out, Dwight holds up a little box of Nerds and says he's eating Jim, a bit he milks long after Jim's exit, causing Erin to laugh so hard she has to run to the hydrant. When Dwight goes to pick up the ones he dropped, he finds a little yellow pill on the floor. So he apparently does some research and grimly says it's for anxiety. "Translation: there's a madman in our midst." Well, you know what they say about what it means if you don't know which person in your office is the crazy one.

Nellie's at Pam's desk wearing a bad wig and tweed suit with a loose tie. "I'm Sexy Toby," she explains, although she's clearly more one than the other. Pam is both amused and grossed out, and while she's still laughing, Dwight suddenly hollers out, "Dumatril!" to see who reacts. Nellie unwisely does, and Dwight explains to her and the office about the pill he found that "combats insanity... whoever is taking it is not only insane, they are now off their meds." Nellie says it's none of their business, and as Dwight closes in on her, we cut to a TH where Nellie says it's hers, but she doesn't need Dwight knowing that. "I once saw him yell at Phyllis for sneezing wrong." Only once? Nellie decides to sign on to Dwight's nut-hunt rather than continuing to be the object of it.

Andy goes into the break room to hang with the current Here Comes Treble members. In a TH, he says he knows it's pathetic, but he was a rock star back then. "When I got the nickname Boner Champ, that is when I became me." No wonder his bout with impotence during the Nellie administration upset him so much. Well, you know, plus that would upset anyone. He's here to answer any questions the young guys might have, which actually is none. Pretty much the only sound in there is Andy's leather jacket creaking loudly. He wants to at least tell them why he's called the Boner Champ, but one of the students pipes up that he thought Broccoli Rob was the Boner Champ. Deeply offended, Andy straightens them out and then storms off.

The Halloween party has started. Pete, who is not in costume, says he didn't know everyone was going to dress up. "Me neither," says Creed, whose face, shirt, and tie are spattered with red. "It's Halloween," he THs. "That is really, really, good timing."

In Andy's office, he's on Skype with Broccoli Rob, played by none other than Stephen Colbert, while Erin looks on. Broccoli makes some excuses about how he might have claimed to be the Boner Champ amid freely flowing wine coolers with the guys, but agrees to call them and straighten them out when Andy asks.

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