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Too Much Faith

At the big investment meeting, which is just lunch at a restaurant with three other guys, Jim is clearly feeling a bit left out. One of the partners says that between their own investment and their backers, they're set for a year financially. Jim jumps in asking if it's too late to kick in a chunk himself. He mentions anywhere between five or ten thousand, which seems to initiate an uncomfortable silence. And you know how Jim hates not being the coolest person in any given room, which means this awkward situation is so unbearable to him that he just throws ten thousand dollars at it to make it go away as quickly as possible. Of course he's going to pay for that later, in more ways than one.

In the break room, Dwight tries to flush Daryl out as the madman by smearing peanut butter on his face, which Nellie explains is protection from the nanobots the government put in the A/C. The idea is to test whether this makes sense to Daryl, who encourages Dwight to keep going until his face is totally covered before agreeing, "Yeah, that's crazy."

Andy returns to the break room fishing for the news that his status as Boner Champ has been confirmed. That accomplished, he explains how he got it. "Spring Sing '95. Got completely ripped on Bud Drys. I had sex with a snowman. I just went at that thing. Cold would have stopped most people but I stayed locked in." Really, the only response to this is more creaking from his jacket.

Angela leads her husband, who is wearing a Ronald Reagan mask, into the conference room and reintroduces Robert and Oscar, who's dressed as a furry lizard. Robert thinks Oscar's just a dinosaur, but of course Oscar clarifies that he's the Electoral College. Okay, then. Angela dashes off, freaked out about the food spread, leaving Robert to flirt with Oscar until Oscar nods frantically at the camera aimed at them. One of the two cameras, at least.

Andy complains to Erin about how his snowman story failed to impress the members of Here Comes Treble. "What is with these turkeys?" Erin wonders. So she goes into the break room and orders them to do "Faith," even though they don't know it. "You have to or Andy will flip out. And make it a surprise. Please." On her way back to her desk, she pauses to insist to Pete, "This isn't stupid."

Dwight and Nellie are sitting in the kitchen with the pill set out as bait. Toby comes in and sees Nellie for the first time today, and it's love at first sight. And then it gets really, really creepy. Exit Toby, probably to Costa Rica. Nellie sighs and says they're getting too worked up over a mere anxiety pill. Dwight tells her he has anxieties of his own. "Every waking moment of my life is sheer torture." He frets about his land disputes, useless cousins, and ne'er do well siblings (way to plug your spinoff, Dwight), but says he doesn't need a pill to get through it. Meredith strolls in, sees the pill and grabs it, saying, "Cool, free upper!" Dwight jumps her with the giant butterfly net he's got stashed for the purpose, which is when Nellie confesses that the pill is hers and helps Meredith out of the net. 'Stop bagging my head!" Meredith yells at Dwight in a nice callback. Nellie pops the pill and says it makes her feel better. "And maybe it could help you too."

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