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Hot Girl

Later, Pam herself takes a look at some purses, and she and Katy talk about the fact that she's engaged. They seem to be hitting it off a little, but then Michael comes in, of course, to ruin everything. As is his genetic programming. He asks Katy how the coffee was, and he manages to make even that part awkward. He passive-aggressively scolds Pam about being here instead of out at her desk, and she exits, defeated. "Come back," Katy calls plaintively out the door. Poor Katy. Michael next leads (drags) Katy into his office, where he has purchased a thousand-dollar Starbucks espresso machine. Where'd he get a thousand -- oh, Lord. Katy indulgently sits through Michael's patter about coffee, which he continues in a TH focusing on caffeine as a drug, and how it's apparently replaced cocaine as the Dunder Mifflin drug of choice since an earlier era in which many drugs were abused, but they really knew how to sell paper. Unfortunately for Katy, she tells Michael the truth when she gets a text message telling her that her ride home is unavailable. As you can imagine, Michael is only too happy to take her home. She declines, but Michael refuses to be refused until she can't really say no unless she's prepared to hit him with a hammer, so she says yes.

When we return, Michael and Dwight are sitting at Michael's computer while Michael bitches about how Ryan cleaned up his desktop. Dwight tries to explain that the cleaned-up desktop is better, but Michael is sure it isn't. Suddenly, Dwight blurts out that he wants to ask Katy out. Michael generously declines to say no, but he warns Dwight that he's taking Katy home. And he might take her out. And he might have sex with her, which he characterizes as "dot-dot-dot." Dwight is tortured by this revelation -- "Do you love her?" he demands, and now, we are in Port Charles, where it's like Michael is initially inclined to scorn that question, as would be sensible, but then he comes back with an allegedly thoughtful "I don't know."

As Katy finishes selling a purse to Stanley, Michael enters with an espresso for her. Stanley busts him for making this with what was supposed to be the sales incentive prize. "Very easy to clean," Michael counters.

With his mini-briefcase over his shoulder, Dwight takes a sip of coffee. His own worst enemy, that one.

Michael has Pam in his office, and he's chattering at her about nothing, and she's trying to figure out why she's there, but she can't. She gets up to leave, and Michael stops her cold with this question: "How do girls your age feel about futons?" Pam looks at the camera, and we cut to her explaining this to Jim. "A futon?" he asks incredulously. They agree that Michael's use of a futon would be both strange and "innovative." Jim touts its undeniable bed-couch qualities, but they both seem to feel like as sad as they envision Michael's life being, this is sadder than they were thinking. Just then, Roy shows up, invading the territory of Jim's desk as he often does not, and he wants to know if Pam is still mad. She is, but he manages to win her over by nuzzling her up against Jim's desk, which, hi, have a little sense, people. You don't tickle each other up against other people's desks at work. Bleh. Pam THs that Jim is "like a brother." They're best friends. She hopes he'll find someone. Oh, Pam.

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