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Hot Girl

Dwight watches, an anxious tangle of personality disorders, as Katy tries to sell a purse to Angela. Finally, he pounces, heading into the conference room and asking to talk to Katy, potentially kicking the customer out in the process. Katy resists, but before Angela can even leave, Dwight blurts out that he wants to talk to her in private to ask her on a date. Katy says, "No." Angela tries to disappear into the floor. Dwight starts to leave, but he turns to ask whether that was a "no" to talking in private, or a "no" to going out with him. Katy confirms that it was both. Yow. Looking like he can barely walk, Dwight returns to his desk. At least she didn't drag it out.

Michael asks Ryan to help with a "special project," which turns out to involve cleaning out Michael's car. Throwing out empties. Putting an "unopened Arctic Chill" in the passenger-side cup-holder. It's genius how they really show you a whole scene here that hasn't happened -- Michael offering Katy the Arctic Chill; Katy cringing.

As he must, and still reeling from seeing Roy pawing Pam all over his paperwork, Jim finally makes his way into the conference room to talk to Katy. He is effortlessly adorable, in the infuriating way possessed by a vexing subset of self-deprecating nerds, and she giggles appreciatively.

Ryan is barely stopped from throwing out Michael's counterfeit Rite-Aid version of Drakkar Noir. Damn. Damn. While it appears empty, Michael insists that "there's some in the straw," and he dabs himself. With counterfeit Rite-Aid Drakkar Noir. Say that slowly to yourself. Let it sit on your tongue. Now cry. Just kidding. "Wow," Ryan comments as he continues to throw out trash. "How many Filet-O-Fishes did you eat?" Michael indignantly points out that it's buildup from "several months," which...nice point of pride, there, Michael. "Still," Ryan mutters almost inaudibly.

Pam is at Jim's desk. "What's up?" she asks. "I'm bored," she says with a grin. "Thank you for choosing me," he volleys. She asks him about plans for the weekend, and he tells her that he's going to see Katy. Her face freezes, but fortunately for her, it's in a smile. And what are they doing? "Dinner, drinks, movie...matching tattoos...." Pam tries to smile. What will Pam be doing with her weekend? Well, Pam will be helping Roy's cousin move. Hey, at least he shows her a good time. They agree to see each other Monday, and Pam leaves, conspicuously miserable.

Michael THs that being a ladies' man is all about nobody knowing you're a ladies' man. He is on the right track, then. He adds two items: (1) that "women are attracted to power"; and (2) that he's been told he has "a very symmetrical face." The thing that's great about Michael is that you can catch yourself thinking, "You just can't make that up, how bad he is," and then you remember that somebody made it up, and you thank everyone involved inside your head.

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