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Hot Girl

Pam applies lip gloss at her desk, but she looks guilty when she sees the camera spying on her. Interesting moment. I haven't formed a firm opinion on that one yet.

And now we're outside, and people are leaving the office for the day. Michael, Katy, and Jim are all walking together, and as Michael goes one way and Jim goes the other, Katy and Jim have to break the news to Michael that Katy's coming with Jim, not going home with Michael. She tries to phrase this as "you're off the hook," but pretty much, everybody knows what's up. Even Michael, a little, in the back of his head. Michael gets into his convertible. Jim eases Katy into his Corolla (hee) as Pam drives off with Roy, watching wistfully.

In a TH, Michael says he does, in fact, have a "special someone" -- his employees. If he had to pick between a one-night stand with "some stupid cow" from a bar and "these people," he would pick the employees. With the employees, he still knows their names after.

And with that, we close the season. This episode, I think is the weakest of the first season. It's a lot of play on the same joke, and there's too much similarity between the Michael story and the Dwight story, as far as their making idiots of themselves over Katy. There's a lot of crudeness and not a lot of charm, and I would rather have seen more of Jim's conflict over working his way up to asking her out. All things considered, I think the first season is very underrated owing to unnecessary comparisons to the British version, but this is its weak moment for me.

Fortunately, the second season is about to start, and things are about to get amazing.

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