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Stamford. Karen tries to wear Jim down by intentionally squeaking her chair. Jim counters by singing "Lovefool" in an off-key falsetto. Karen curses him out, claiming that it's not a proportionate response because she'll have the song in her head all day...and then the camera pulls back to show Andy, sitting in front of Jim, happily mouthing along with the song...and then singing the last line of the chorus in an interview, grinning, and musing, "What ever happened to those guys?" They put out a great new album in 2005? Rhetorical question? Okay.

Pretzel line. Pam gets out of the elevator with a stack of paperwork. Michael -- who probably should have brought a crossword puzzle to make the wait go faster...or, realistically, something to colour -- barks, "No cuts." Pam pointedly tells him that she thought he could sign off on some cheques so that he wasn't just wasting his time, but Michael doesn't pick up on the hint, and asks her to hold his place while he goes to the bathroom. Cut to Pam, back at her desk, brandishing her log: "12:00pm Stood in Pretzel line." He might have also been working on his Cosby impression before she got down there, though.

Schrute Farm. Dwight launches into a preamble for the next phase of their time together, but Ryan impatiently cuts him off, saying that he was in a frat in college and knows what Dwight's doing. Dwight counters that the reason Ryan has yet to make a sale is that he thinks he knows everything, and that he needs to accept that there are people who can teach him things. This assessment seems to hit home for Ryan, who silently follows Dwight into the barn. And his doom. Though that probably goes without saying.

Pretzel line. Michael orders a sweet pretzel with all of eighteen different toppings, none of which is flax, or soy, or spirulina, or wheatgrass, or any of the things Michael should be consuming in the middle of the day.

Barn. Dwight orders Ryan to sit down in an old-fashioned wheelchair, which he does, very reluctantly. A figure goes flying past behind them. Ryan asks who it is. Dwight tries to put him off with some kind of ceremonious crap, but Ryan asks, "Is it your cousin Mose?" Dwight curtly says it is. Dwight then interviews that Mose (Michael Schur) is his cousin; they live together on the farm: "He will always be my best friend. Unless things go well with Ryan today, in which case I won't hang out with Mose so much anymore." So...I have to root against the Dwight/Ryan union, because I don't think that leaving Mose alone is really in the best interests of the community. Back in the barn, Dwight quizzes Ryan about the greatest danger facing the company, the cause of Robert Mifflin's suicide, and what the Dharma Initiative is. Ryan scores poorly.

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