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Scranton branch. In the break room, Kelly worries about Ryan being gone so long with Dwight. Angela says that Ryan will be fine with Dwight. Kelly says that Dwight is weird. Angela disagrees. Kelly: "He's a freak." Angela: "YOU'RE a freak!" Girls, girls! You're both right!

Barn. Dwight's final question: "What is Michael Scott's greatest fear?" Ryan guesses loneliness, or maybe women. Dwight takes a little while before saying that Michael isn't afraid of anything: "Also, I would have accepted 'snakes.'" Hee. Dwight starts rambling on about fear, and how you have to vanquish it -- wrestle it to the ground, even -- before you can sell. He goes to a stereo to turn on Carmina Burana, which cues Mose to run out -- the word "FEAR" written across his shirt in red electrical tape -- and plant his feet, so ready to take Ryan on. But Ryan's had enough. Dwight decides to skip the wrestling and head straight for Ryan getting into a coffin they just happen to have there, in the barn, but Ryan's not down with that either, and stomps out. Mose: "Bye, Ryan." To Dwight: "He seemed nice." some point between now and the launch of the bed & breakfast, Mose went from being a (basically) normal guy with an unfortunate beard to some kind of backwoods manchild. Okay.

After commercials, Ryan is walking along a country road when Dwight pulls up beside him to say how sorry he is, adding that Mose was sorry too, and sent along a basket of eggs and fat-back bacon to express his regrets. You know, as Emily Post always said you should. Dwight says Mose also sent "something he whittled," proffering a little wooden Venus of Willendorf. So Mose has actually evolved from an outsider artist savant to a backwoods manchild. Well, maybe that's actually a shorter trip.

Stamford. Andy comes back to his desk with a cup of coffee, only to discover that he has been chair-switched. Tough break, J.Crew.

Ryan has apparently relented in his rage, and is back in Dwight's passenger seat as Dwight drives along, still apologizing, and explaining that he and Jim never got along, and that he didn't want the same thing to happen with him and Ryan -- he wanted them to be "an unstoppable team." Ryan wearily says that he didn't care about that; he just wanted to go on a sales call. Dwight: "Oh, screw gun -- the sales call!" He pulls a U-Turn. If Ryan has reservations about going on his first sales call in a suit redolent with manure, he doesn't say so.

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