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Scranton branch. Everyone's getting ready to leave when Michael emerges from his office, the impression of some office supply or other on his cheek. Pam tells him that Brent Coselli sent over some contracts, and marvels that Michael made a "huge sale." Michael shrugs it off and leaves. Pam thinks about how to doctor her log to make Michael look like less of a fuckup. She's nearly out the door when the phone rings. She considers whether to let it go, but finally picks it up,'s Jim. OH MY GOD, Y'ALL! "Oh my God," says Pam in shock. Jim recovers more quickly, saying that he was trying to call Kevin about fantasy football, but forgot his extension. He says he didn't think Pam would still be there, and asks why she is. She reluctantly tells him about the log Jan's making her keep, and Jim, of course, asks to see a copy. There's a long pause, which they both try to fill and then talk over each other and then Pam drops Loaded Line #1 by saying that everything there is still pretty much the same: "A little different." She asks Jim what time it is there, and he reminds her that they're in the same time zone and asks where she thought he was so that Pam can drop Loaded Line #2: "I don't know. It felt far." You know, it's the first time the characters are interacting in Season 3. Lighten up, writers, we get it.

Time passes, in which Jim and Pam chat like their old selves, about how fast Jim types, and about Pam's having recently confused 28 Days with 28 Days Later... because Blockbuster doesn't put pictures on its video boxes, and Pam's new apartment. He's still teasing her when Dwight and Ryan finally make it back to the office. She covers the receiver to ask if Ryan is okay, so Jim doesn't know anyone's come in and just thinks she's shut up for some reason or other. Ryan says he is, and goes to leave, Pam -- now having uncovered the receiver -- calling after Ryan, "Okay, bye!" Jim thinks she's talking to him and is like, "Oh, yeah, I should probably go too." Pam gets flustered again, but quickly covers that she also needs to end the call, I guess so he doesn't have "hand." The call ends well enough, with each party smiling wistfully, alone, int he same time zone, but far apart.

After commercials, Stanley mutters that it's three hundred sixty-four days until the next Pretzel Day. And you know he has set up a coundown clock on that shit, too.

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