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Deangelo is holding a come-to-Jesus meeting, with some pretty harsh truths, such as how they'll all be leaving by five, and how Darryl gets a full ride to night business school. Apropos of nothing, Deangelo THs in his office that he sees them trying to figure him out so they can tell him what he wants to hear, and before that happens, he needs to find out who's a good worker. "Because as soon as I'm hearing what I want to hear, I'm not gonna care." That shows some self-awareness, at least. And don't worry, Deangelo, the writers are still trying to figure you out too. Deangelo adds that Toby's getting a new chair, and his hostile attitude about all these perks, including a new thing called Ice Cream Thursdays, is getting pretty confusing. Kevin says it all sounds great, then admits he can see the downside when Deangelo glares at him, then admits he doesn't know what to think. "Kev's got me pegged," Deangelo THs nervously.

The credits have this weird clip of everyone laughing where Steve Carell's name and face used to go, and at the end of the sequence is a clip of Deangelo adjusting a little Native American figure on the spot on his desk where a Dundie used to live. What is this, Community?

Deangelo comes into the office talking to Darryl, and Pam waylays him to give him a resume for her friend Carla, with regard to the "executive assistant" opening. "Put it with the rest," Deangelo dismisses, and then calls out a "Hey dudes" to Jim and Andy on his way into his office. Pam's convinced that Deangelo hates her, but Jim assures her he doesn't; she just gets nervous around him. "Is that what he tells you at your little inner circle meetings?" Pam asks him. With a guilty look at the camera, Jim says there's not an inner circle. Andy THs that there is, and Jim THs that there isn't -- Deangelo just likes to delegate certain things to "a few guys." Yeah, it looks like it is all guys. Kevin THs, "Jim only says that because he's in the inner circle. I also say that because I am also in the inner circle. Get that, ma?" But then he remembers that it doesn't actually exist.

Deangelo brings Dwight a coffee, which Dwight dumps in the trash. He owns the coffee shop and all, and compares it to seeing sausage being made, though not in the usual way. Deangelo invites Dwight for a six-pack in the park with some sausage, and Dwight directs him to Oscar. Deangelo THs about reaching out to Dwight but getting nowhere. "It reminds me of my relationship with my son, except there, I'm the Dwight." Well, we knew he didn't like kids.

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