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After the ads, Jim tries to have a closed-door meeting with Deangelo, but then Darryl comes in, and it turns into a whole inner circle meeting. Jim protests, but when Deangelo says it's "just the guys," that gives Jim his opening to bring up that "maybe there's a vibe." The other guys get all fratty, but Deangelo says he's glad Jim brought it to his attention. Jim totally buys it. Pays in cash and everything.

Kelly's on the phone to her mom explaining how Ryan's taking them out to dinner, and not standing them up this time. Cut to a joint TH where Ryan explains, "So I am the new customer service supervisor." "When Deangelo's around," Kelly clarifies. "And," Ryan eye-rolls, "I'm also a very dutiful boyfriend, when -- " "All the time," Kelly says. At least she's getting something out of this.

Deangelo sends Erin down to bring up the new executive assistant, who was apparently selected and hired and notified and is starting work all in the same day. While she's gone, Jim asks Deangelo whom he hired. That sends Deangelo into a nonsensical speech about how sexist he's not. "Raise your hand if you have a vagina," he tells the bullpen. "Raise your hand if someone you love has a vagina." Now almost everyone's hands are up, some with two. Including Deangelo. When he draws attention to this facet, Ryan follows suit, and so do a few other guys. I think the whole joke there was "We said vagina on TV!" Phyllis maintains, "I'm not a feminist, but I feel that the men in this office are being given chances that the women aren't." Deangelo asks for Dwight's take: "NBA, WNBA. One is a sport, one is a joke. I love sports, I love jokes. Room for all." Deangelo is either impressed or pretends to be because he still wants Dwight to like him, but either way they both need to be punched in the dick. Erin enters with the new assistant, a tall blonde named Jordan, fresh from Anthropologie. "No corporate experience whatsoever. I didn't want anyone with any bad habits." Deangelo explains. That's stupid, but not stupid enough to be funny.

The inner circle plus Dwight gets texts to meet in Deangelo's office, but Dwight holds up his buzzing hone and yells, "No!" Also, it looks like Andy got Jim's spot. He claims to Angela that he's going to "infiltrate and change from within," then enters the room saying, "What up man cave?" and barking like Tim Allen. Pam tells Jim to go in anyway, figuring Deangelo just forgot. Sure he did.

Jim sneaks in, and as he sits down next to Jordan, the room suddenly goes quiet. Deangelo stares at him until he gets the hint and leaves, which takes longer than you might think. In fact, I think it's still happening on the West Coast as you read this. Back at his desk, Dwight says, "So, he kicked you out of the inner circle, huh?" "There is no inner circle," Jim says lamely, not convincing anyone, least of all himself.

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