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Michael assembles an away-team to go to Valley View High School -- Pam's alma mater, as it happens -- for a job fair. He hopes to scare up some interns and "youthanize" the office. It's going to be himself, Oscar, Darryl, and Pam, the latter for "eye candy." Michael's dressed all casual, as opposed to Darryl in a shirt and tie that Kelly thinks makes him look like Barack Obama (neither of those names is in my spell check, by the way -- yet). Darryl, as Michael says, is coming along to hire kids for the warehouse, because they "ain't going to college." Which prompts Darryl to wonder where Michael went to college. "Let's go!" Michael chirps.

Jim, meanwhile, is actually hitting the golf course with a potential client. As he puts it, he's on probation thanks to Ryan the ex-temp, and it's not a good time for him to get fired, because of something to do with Pam? And some...personal? Uh, long-term plans? That her parents might be interested in...? What could he be talking about there? Anyway, he's going to do something he's never done in this job: try.

So Jim and Kevin and Andy meet up with a gray-haired guy named Phil at the driving range. He's a Dartmouth grad, and Andy is of course way too aggressive about the Cornell rivalry before declining to shake, pleading "blisties." Probably something to do with the 1200 balls he hit last night to practice. Indeed, when Andy holds up his palms to the camera, they look like he's been petting the core of a nuclear reactor. Phil offers to "make things interesting," and Kevin's all over that; as he THs, he plans to turn some petty cash from Oscar into next week's rent.

Back in her old high school gym, Pam reminisces about all sports she faked PMS to get out of back in the day. Today, of course, it's a job fair, with booths as far as the eye can see. Which is about to the wall. Michael mocks the arcade basketball thing some company has set up, especially in comparison to what he brought: a single blank sheet of paper, symbolizing limitless possibilities. "Conceptual," he blusters. And with that out of the way, the four of them can get down to the business of sitting behind a table and being ignored.

On the golf course, Andy's struggling, and not just because of the blisties -- he admits that contrary to people's assumptions about him, he's actually not that good at golf in general, thanks to having blown off his childhood lessons to hang out with the sailing club and "get [his] knot on."

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