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Back at the office, with the bosses gone, the skeleton crew is considering sneaking out. "I got my work done months ago," Creed shrugs. But since Dwight, is in charge -- tied with the absent Andy in the line of succession -- he says nobody's going anywhere. Not that this keeps Stanley from walking out without a word. Dwight threatens the remaining potential mutineers with dire consequences if they follow: "I will tell on you."

Pam's talking to a sort of dopey-looking student named Justin about the DM experience, and being charitable by making it sound just kind of boring instead of soul-killing. Michael interrupts them to remind Pam, "Only the best and the brightest." And then he rather rudely blows the kid off: "Maybe for you, paper should be more of a hobby," he Simons. Justin wanders off, and Michael is enraged to see that the kid signed his name on the one piece of paper. He demands a new one immediately. "Yeah, the booth is lame without it," Darryl mutters. Pam reminds Michael that he specifically told her to bring one sheet of paper, and her memory of the exchange is quite specific: "You said 'Pam! Pam! Pam!' and you sneezed in my tea." Which is how we know this really happened. Still, she's off to find new paper. "And that is why I need a smart intern," Michael camera-snots.

Out on the course, Jim tries to put the sales moves on Phil, but Phil's not interested. "So I guess I'll just work on my short game," Jim camera-sighs.

Michael's getting frustrated with the difficulty of luring kids to the booth. Tough to lure kids these days. "Thank you, Dateline."

At the office, Dwight gets up and goes to the bathroom. Creed calls Angela to ask if she wants to "ditch this bitch. " She doesn't. "Pumpkin's out," Creed announces. So Phyllis, Kelly, Meredith, and Creed head out. When Dwight comes back from the facilities, only Angela is left. And only her head and shoulders, at that.

Pam goes into her old art room and right to the cabinet with the paper in it. She looks for one of her old pieces on the wall, but it's gone. She doesn't take this as hard as you might think.

Dwight calls Michael's cell phone to report the mutiny, but Michael's not interested, taking the wind out of Dwight's sails "So what else is going on?" Dwight asks. Michael hangs up on him, and Dwight pretends not to be too crushed to get back to work.

Pam returns to the booth with a piece of paper, but since it's not Dunder Mifflin paper, Michael "Pam! Pam! Pam! Pam!"s her and sends her back to the office for "the good stuff." "Are you serious?" she asks. He is. "And don't call me Shirley."

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