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Clark waits nervously in the conference room with Rolf (not seen since he destroyed Jim and Pam's kitchen), who says that Clark's interviewing for the sales job, but he, Rolf, is getting it. Clark points out to Rolf that his twelve-week tenure is equal to a full season of Homeland, which proves a lot can happen in that amount of time. Dwight THs from Andy's office about how awesome Rolf is, over shots of the latter shouting at a rabbit.

In the wake of Athlead's loss of a major investor, the partners are now pressuring Jim to shake down David Wallace for the replacement cash. In fact, he's on the phone with one of them with Dwight and Rolf roll up. "I hope you like Norwegian black metal, because I don't do earbuds," Rolf threatens Pam. As he and Dwight head into Andy's office, Jim tries to downplay it, but looks nervous when Pam downplays it even further.

In the interview, Rolf does that thing where he turns the interview around, making like Dwight's the one being interviewed. Power dynamic reversal, blah blah blah. To Dwight's tiny amount of credit it doesn't work, but he's still got high hopes for Trevor, the hit man he and Angela hired a while ago to kneecap Oscar: "You say 'jump,' he says, 'on who?'" In the interview, Trevor is completely flummoxed by basic questions, as though he's trying to interview as poorly as possible.

Clark asks Jim if he can look over Jim's price sheets to prep for the interview, but as he sits in Pam's vacant chair to do so, he gets distracted by Jim's questions aimed at determining Clark's suitability as a desk-clump-mate for Pam. Which includes checking his breath. All of this ends up meeting Jim's approval. Dwight sees this through the window of Andy's office, but says he can't hire Clark. "Sure, he looks like a Schrute, but he thinks like a Halpert. And he acts like a Beesly." But in Clark's interview, Dwight presents him with a hypothetical no-win scenario, which Clark aces simply by using the words Kobayashi Maru. Sorry, but it's been three decades and you either get that reference by now or you don't. In fact, Clark stands up and says the interview's over, because he Kobayashi Maru'd the whole process. Besides, Clark points out, the other candidates were losers. Dwight angrily assures Clark that he's got plenty of other friends. Aaaand, cut to a flock of weirdoes milling around in the conference room. "This is not natural," Stanley remarks. True, but the last time anything natural or organic happened on this show, Pam was still at Reception.

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