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Apparently Andy occasionally deals with stress by going down into the warehouse and dancing to "Footloose," making a big mess of the place, which we get to see at some length. "Sex also works," he matter-of-factly talking-heads. Fortunately, we don't see that.

Jim enters the office, apparently having just returned from jury duty. Most people seem more excited about the experience than he does, explaining that it was just a hit-and-run case where they didn't even convict the guy. Jim THs that although he was indeed called in to jury duty, they cut him loose at noon and he didn't bother coming in for a half day. And then the next day he stayed home to help Pam with the kids. "And then...three other days happened." Totally out of his hands.

Word comes in that Angela had her baby. Kevin offends Darryl by wondering if it was born black, then learns that he didn't win the birth pool. "Right month, wrong year," Erin tells him. Some of the employees talk about going to visit, but it's not going to be an overwhelming turnout, mainly just Angela's fellow accountants Kevin and Oscar. Oh, and Gabe, who has creepy reasons of his own for wanting to visit the maternity ward.

In the break room, some of the employees are asking Jim for details on his case. He tries to blow it off, but when he hears their sob stories of how they had to cover for him during his absence, he starts feeling guilty and making shit up. Unfortunately, Toby's also been on "j-duty," with the whole Scranton Strangler case as you recall, and he makes a reference to Ernesto's, which Jim agrees was their favorite restaurant. Actually, as Toby corrects, it's a food truck. Off to the side, Dwight quietly observes the discrepancy.

Before entering Angela's room, Oscar reminds Kevin, Erin, and Gabe to be sensitive about what will certainly be the tiny size of Angela's premature baby, who wasn't due to be born for another month. They enter the room, where Angela, her husband the state senator, and a rather large baby with the suitably impressive moniker of Phillip Halstead Lipton are hanging out. Of course Kevin blurts out how fat the kid is, because Oscar didn't prepare him for that.

Back at their desks, Dwight easily catches an inattentive Jim in an inconsistency in his story about the case, and stands up to loudly bust him and challenge him to single combat. Andy comes out to ask what's up, and even though Dwight tells him Jim was lying about jury duty the whole time and thus needs to be fired him immediately, Andy insists Dwight take a chill pill. Which he mimes giving it to Dwight complete with a glass of water and then makes Dwight mime swallowing. Now fully chilled, Dwight quietly asks Andy if Jim would be fired if he were lying about jury duty. "Yeah, of course -- fire him to Timbuktu," Andy chirps, patting a suddenly nervous-looking Jim on the shoulder on his way back into his office. "Good enough for me," Dwight says, chill-ly.

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