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After the ads, Jim has just finished coming clean to Andy in the stairwell, and the boss isn't taking it well. "Nobody's ever lied to me before," he grouches. Rather than bringing up, oh, let's say, Season Five, Jim proposes telling everyone the truth. But after what he said earlier about firing Jim, Andy insists on keeping it quiet. "Ever heard of a Connecticut cover-up? You know why you never heard of it? Covered it up." He assures Jim that he's so good at keeping things under wraps they used to call him King Tut. But then he admits in a TH that he was actually known as King Butt, well, because of his king-sized butt. Remember when The Office wasn't like any other sitcom? That was awesome.

In a further effort to catch Jim out, Dwight has arranged for Ernesto himself to bring his food truck to the office park, ostensibly to deliver lunch to the employees. Of course Ernesto remembers Toby (we can tell that even without the shaky translation from the half-deaf warehouse worker), but has no memory of Jim. Luckily for Jim, Andy's there to help cover for him, and as Dwight keeps pushing, he tells him, "Hey, Murder, She Wrote, how about we drop the whole Murder, She Wrote thing, huh?" In fact, Andy claims to have driven Jim to the courthouse every morning himself. With that, he and Jim duck back into Andy's office, where Andy blames Jim for his crappy lie and Jim argues that Dwight's onto them so they need to tell the truth. "I don't even know what the truth is any more," Andy dramas.

In Angela's hospital room, there's a whole bit about the weight of the baby, which apparently Angela announced was five pounds but the senator says is more like nine. Angela blames it on the drugs. "I felt like I was at a James Taylor concert." Oscar presents the present he brought (all but tipping us a wink when the senator compliments the gift-wrapping) and it turns out to be a preemie onesie. In a TH, Oscar informs us that the baby is obviously not premature, so Angela was lying about the conception date. "And her husband's gay. I don't even know which thread to follow." Well, clearly the "mind your own business" thread has been ruled out.

During a quiet moment in the office, Jim abruptly stands up and announces that he actually took most of last week off, trying to play it like a joke. But of course nobody laughs but Dwight. Stanley and Darryl both yell at Jim, and Darryl reminds Andy that he said he drove Jim to the courthouse. Andy, horrified at being hung out to dry, sticks to his story, but Dwight's already grabbing a box to help Jim clear out his desk. "I always thought I was going to defeat you somehow, but you've defeated yourself." Andy tells Dwight to quit it, and as far as Jim's punishment, he delivers, in front of the whole office, a gentle bitch-slap to Jim's cheek. Disgusted, Dwight throws down the box he was packing. Out in the parking lot, he leaves what must be the latest of many voice mails for Gabe. He tells us he's going to "let the little stickler do what he does best: stickle." That would be even funnier if my spell check had any problem whatsoever with the word "stickle."

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