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Kiss of Death

In the shuttle to the airport with Stanley (I guess Kathy and Gabe are staying behind, too), Jim's on the phone to Pam, who thinks Jim needs to try harder to talk to Dwight before Robert fires him. Jim protests that Dwight's gotten worse. "He's like Super Dwight! It's like he's been bitten by a radioactive Dwight!" Stanley would back Jim up if he weren't in a filthy mood about leaving Florida. "Just get the words out, that's all you can do," Pam insists to Jim. And possibly not even that.

Toby and Darryl are giving competing sales presentations to Kevin while the whole Scranton crew watches. They have some ridiculous suggestions of their own, including Meredith's suggestion that they kiss each other. Or, failing that, kiss Meredith. In Andy's office, he and Erin are still enjoying their video chat, until the subject of her return to Scranton comes up and Erin breaks the news that there isn't going to be one. Andy pretends to be happy for her. Poorly. Out in the bullpen, Darryl and Toby have just finished a song and dance for Kevin, who has reached a decision. "I've decided... that you are going to keep doing things for me." Look who's after Ryan Seacrest's job. Darryl and Toby both say it's not worth it, but Kevin hints that he's thinking about a three-digit order this year. The singing and dancing recommences. Has either of these two dads considered letting their daughters sell their own fucking cookies? Is that crazy talk?

Back at HQ, Jim accosts Dwight in the bathroom. Dwight just compares Jim to an "Amish return stick." Through a combination of persistence and sincerity, Jim gets Dwight to let him tell him one thing: Robert's going to kill the store and then fire Dwight. Dwight: "That's two things." He thinks this is another one of Jim's pranks, which he says never worked before and they won't today. "First of all, they almost always worked," Jim corrects, but Dwight just dismisses Jim to the airport. As Dwight walks to the boardroom, Jim overhears Dwight talking to the camera about his own unstoppability: "Dunder Mifflin, the farm, Mose, all those things vanish in my rearview mirror. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a date with destiny. And from what I hear, she's a sl--" Jim tackles Dwight to the ground before he can pull a Limbaugh. Also, who knew Jim cared so much about Mose?

We come back from ads with the two of them still grappling. Dwight fakes an injury to his fresh appendix scar, only to surprise-attack Jim. Meanwhile, in the boardroom, Nellie and Kathy are stressing about Dwight's absence while Packer offers to step in to take Dwight's place. "I got the info down backwards, forwards, and doggystyle," he boasts. Nellie calls the room to order and introduces Packer as the new Vice President of Saber Retail on the spot. Packer turns and dramatically addresses the room: "'Sup?"

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