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Launch Party

Outside the men's room, Andy tells Dwight that Angela's giving off vibes that she's not interested in him. Dwight smirks to himself. Andy goes on to muse that if he likes Angela, he can't back down, and instead of getting upset about that, Dwight kicks the door open and orders PBA Kid to wrap up "#1" in ten more seconds. I mean, I assume it's PBA Kid. There's always a chance it could be Creed.

Michael finds Kevin out in the bullpen and asks if he's seen Jim. Kevin guesses that Jim wanted to leave before the cops got there, and lets himself back into the party, where Dwight is escalating his threats on PBA Kid. Michael anxiously hurries over and tells him to quit it, and finally the reality of his situation becomes apparent to him and he paces out to the bullpen, freaking out, "I kidnapped a kid!" Right on his heels, Dwight replies that he had no choice. Michael breathes, "I could have paid for the pizza." Dwight: "Well...yeah." Michael goes into his office to lose his shit some more. Maybe if Oscar and Kevin had asked Michael to look up "accomplices," he'd have figured out what he was doing a few hours ago. And the good pizza could have come sooner, too.

After commercials, Michael's in his office, on speakerphone with Ryan, who's angrily asking why there's a kid at the branch party saying he's being held against his will. Instead of explaining the nature of a Scranton party, Michael pretends that Ryan's phone is breaking up and hangs up on him. He then tells Dwight to go pay PBA Kid for the pizzas, and "give him a generous tip -- no more than ten percent." Dwight asks what Michael's going to do. Michael says he's going to open the door: "Hopefully, he will walk out. Then it's out of our hands." Dwight confirms that he's paying full price. Michael quietly says that he is. Holy shit, he really is spooked.

Michael watches through the conference-room window as Dwight counts out $65 for the pizza, and gives PBA Kid an extra $2 for his trouble. I'm sure all is forgiven now! Why wouldn't it be? PBA Kid takes it and wanders out bitterly. Michael tells him to drive safely, and PBA Kid flips him off on his way out. Dwight gets mad all over again, but Michael says that now they wait, and hope nothing happens. Dwight tries to get reimbursed for the pizzas; Dwight is not successful.

On the roof, Jim toasts to "avoiding Class II felony charges." For now!

Andy is over at Oscar's desk when the phone rings. He picks it up and hits a button. Kevin's desk; same deal. He takes a long beat, and then starts singing the lead on "Take A Chance On Me," accompanied via phone by, I assume, the members of "Here Comes Treble." He interrupts the song to tell Angela that's all he's asking her, and then they go for a big finish. As the song goes on, Angela smiles a little but, as usual, doesn't really give anything away, and as all her co-workers stand there waiting to hear what she's going to say, the other guys on the phone ask, "Hey, how'd it go?" "Yeah, what'd she say?" Aw. Andy says that Angela hasn't said anything yet, but the Treblers are all, "You gotta give us something!," so Andy is forced to hang up on them. He looks at Angela expectantly, but she says she has to go clean up, smiling reluctantly to herself as she heads for the conference room. She briefly falls into step with Dwight, but they don't speak, and he certainly doesn't try to one-up Andy with a soulful recorder jam.

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