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Launch Party

Dwight goes into Michael's office, where Michael complains that it was a bad day. He says he needs to get the horrible taste of Pizza By Alfredo out of his mouth. He'd really been hoping for "New York-style sushi" today, and asks Dwight if he wants to go. Dwight really does, so Michael orders him to drive...

...and the next thing we see is Dwight and Michael descending on whatever's left on the sushi platters that the caterers haven't cleaned up yet. A waiter tells them to get lost, which they do -- but not before grabbing a platter and a handful of chopsticks. What could be more appealing than sushi that's been sitting out in a sweaty bar for six hours? Maybe that's what makes it New York-style.

In the parking lot, Michae and Dwight sit on the hood of Dwight's car, eating sushi, when a guy comes by and recognizes Michael as "the Scranton guy," telling him he liked his performance earlier. Michael points to Dwight as the salesman who beat the website, and the passerby comments, "It was funny to see Ryan all embarrassed by that." The guy moves on, and Michael giggles, quickly segueing into an unfavourable impression of Ryan and his disappointed expectations for the night. Dwight joins in to mock Ryan's scruff and suit and failure to sell any paper while in Scranton and accidental firestarting, but Dwight trails off as Michael, as Ryan, babbles, "'I'm hot. I'm so hot..." Dwight doesn't really get that one, and Michael covers, "It's part of it." Hey, I didn't hear anyone mocking Ryan's namedropping. An incomplete caricature isn't really much use, here, people. Michael suggests that they take off, leaving the sushi platter on the next car's hood. I'm sure that whatever's left will only get better with age.

After commercials, there's one last tag of Ryan, winking on the catwalk at the party. They don't superimpose a Conan-style "ASS" stamp over his face, but then, they don't really have to.

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