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Launch Party

Stanley loads up the website and does a little chair dance to the peppy greeting music. It might be the happiest he's been since Pretzel Day, by which I mean, he smirks for about ten seconds.

Corporate. Ryan throws out some business jargon as he tries to act casual about the launch of the website. He's reinforcing this by putting his feet up on his desk -- or rather on a desk, as this office's actual occupant, an unseen "Thomas Dean," yells at him to do his interviews in his own office or out in the hall. Hee. Sometime later, Ryan picks up the thread again, rhyming off "viral marketing," "convergence," "going guerrilla," "taking it to the streets," "reinvent the wheel," and "it is what it is" at the pace of about seventeen espressos. In other words: Douche Factor 12.

Scranton. Andy will be keeping track of Dwight's and "Computer"'s sales on a whiteboard, though Dwight wishes there were an exciting way to announce his success, like with a gong, as Jim suggests. Fortunately, Dwight's got it covered, and sends Andy out to get an air horn out of Dwight's trunk. Oh my God, please let there also be an oversized foam cowboy hat like Homer's in the "Whacking Day" episode of The Simpsons!

Phyllis and Angela tape a banner on the glass outside the conference room. Kevin happens by and complains that 7 PM is kind of late for lunch, which is when Angela notices that instead of reading "Launch Party," it's "Lunch Party." She starts berating Phyllis, which is when we cut to an interview in which Phyllis says that Angela has been nastier than usual lately, which is why she's gone online to look up strategies for dealing with difficult people, and will be trying out some techniques today. The first, apparently, is to speak to Angela gently in terms of how this banner makes her feel; the result, you will not be shocked to learn, doesn't disarm Angela in the slightest, but rather allows her to rephrase her rage in several different ways. Kevin's suggestion that they change the "u" in "Lunch" to an "a" is met with similar disapprobation, which is probably why he's never been on the Party Planning Committee in the first place. Michael rolls up, all, "Hey, Lunch Party!," and when Angela bitches at him that it's supposed to be "Launch Party," Michael dismissively tells "Booster Seat" (heh) that no one cares about this party anyway. She yells that she cares, as if there were any doubt about that, what with the apoplexy. Angela then does an interview enumerating the many stresses she's contending with at the moment: tiny party budget, no prep time, incompetent help, cat still dead. Leave the recapping to the professionals!

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